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[MELB] Filth on the warpath!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Bamm-Bamm, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Just a heads up for those who ride around Melbourne, apparently the filth were out in force today in and around Elizabeth Street pulling over motorcyclists...I don't know if they were giving sanctimonious lectures about riding gear, flouro vests or any of the other shit but they were booking people for pipes, fender elims etc.

    Just something to be aware of...they are around Melbourne "engaging riders" or as we would know it ****ing motorcyclists over for whatever petty shit they can get you for.

    and they wonder why people don't like or respect them...what a bunch of tools
  2. I'm getting vibes that you aren't impressed with the men and women in blue???
  3. Unless you're a 16 chav born and raised on a council estate in London calling the cops 'The Filth' sounds pretty pathetic.

    That being said, thanks for the heads up, bruv!
  4. Just a heads up for those who ride, they don't like being called filth.

    You city boys sure are paranoid.

    14yrs on a bike

    10's of 1000's rider kilometres

    randomly pulled over by police = twice
  5. There's a definite program against motorbikes at the moment which is a response to the fatality toll but has sweet **** all to do with the causes of the toll.

    It's an endeavour to reduce the road toll by taking riders off the roads for any reason what so ever.

    It's criminal. It's harassment.

    Anyone harassed should raise a complaint to their sitting parliamentary member as well as submitting a report to the OPI.
  6. it is selective harrassment.
    if the police want to take any vehicle of the road, they can find a reason.
    nothing out there fully complies to the letter with adr's if you look hard enough.
    if they were directed to target cars only, or trucks only, they could do the same thing.

    it's really quite pathetic that the police force is being utilized as if it were a private company contracted to drive around looking for motorcycles.

    as taxpayers we deserve better.
    our daughters get molested and our sons are getting stabbed and our grand parents are getting mugged.
    and all the meanwhile, those sworn to protect are directed to harrass us instead, for the petiest of indiscretions.
    i feel sorry for them, it's not what they signed up for.