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[Melb] Festival of Italian Motorcycles, Sunday 13 November.

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by G, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. https://netrider.net.au/calendar/?action=details&id=490

    I'll be heading in to this one.
    Its held on the Melbourne Museum forecourt which is adjacent to the Royal Exhibition Building.
    Usually enter from Rathdowne Street.
    If you have an Italian bike that you'd like to be in the display, it's a good idea to arrive between 9 and 10 am. :D

  2. *Bump*

    Usually, some of the dealers present new bikes and various accessories (bling).
  3. I have been to the last couple of these. Some beautiful Italian motorcycles are present. As G said if you own an Italian then you can park with all the others on the forecourt. Unfortunately this year I will not be able to make it due to a wedding in Bowral. Bummer. However it does mean the back roads are going to get a work out over a couple of days.
    Woo Hoo
  4. hey scumbag, you'll be in Bowral next Sunday??? I'll be in Goulburn from around 10am - 12pm, and then heading back to Wollongong. Any chance of an eyeball and a coffee somewhere??
  5. Paul, If you can make Bowral, then more than likely. Myself and Mrs Scumbag will be heading from Bowral down the coast later that day. Going to take a couple of days to head back to Melbourne via the coast and other roads.
    Was going to catch up with a mate if he can get out of bed to come and meet us in Bowral for a brekkie. We are not looking at leaving Bowral until about 12 any way.
  6. Check your PM mate, details there
  7. John and I will be manning the Benelli stand, so pop over and say hello :D
  8. I am so going to this to rub myself on an old Ducati 900SS. I love em'

    I leave you all with that mental image.
  9. I sure will. :D
    I met you both on Firefling's winery ride earlier on this year.
  10. I am so so glad I have a Moto Guzzi not a Ducati now.... :p
  11. [quote="ZRX1200R]I am so so glad I have a Moto Guzzi not a Ducati now.... :p[/quote]

    See now your just getting kinky with your Moto Guzzi talk.

    Oh baby, how bout we spin the engine around the other way? :oops:
  12. I WILL be there with my 1952 Ducati Cucciolo Push Bike

    Catching the train into town though cause if it brakes down i can still ride it it the back to the station :LOL:

    Still got heaps to do to it though so swarf will be flying in the garage all this week still need to make chain tensioners for the transmission and finish off the gear shift mechanism.

    Best thing though is burn outs only cost $20 for a new tire :LOL:
  13. Might head along to this, anyone know if there's a cost to get in?
  14. There was no entry fee in the past.

    They do come up with some groovy tshirts, so you might like to check those out. :)
  15. Brucey, have you been to these in the past? Just wondering if I've seen you and / or your Cucciolo before. :)
  16. JD Its Its FREE :LOL:

    Its put on by the Italian motor cycle clubs and held at the Museum so they dont charge admission to there forecourt there public liability insurance covers the space and there caterers provide coffee food etc they only charge admission into the museum.

    It started 3 years ago when the oganising committees got tired of the constant hassle of securing the como park on the banks of the yarra and the increasing need for more and more public liability insurance. and sponsorship dollars for the trohies etc and the melbourne museum had a display of the italian masters / culture and offered us the use of the forecourt they even chipped in for part of the cost of trophies. the response they got from the event has been huge over the last three years, so they keep it going for us.
  17. G I have been attending these events from the start when the Ducati owners club started inviting other makes to expand on there Kalorami Concours in the Dandenongs

    I am a past president of the Laverda Owners club Victoria and a current member usually i have attended on my 81 Jota

    I have been on the organising commitee of approx 3 of the Como park fuctions and supplied generators, truck BBQ etc and was the sponsorship organiser for fleecing the trade for trophies etc when we organised these events in the past.

    I havent been that actively involved in the last three years but was there last year for an Hour or two with my cucciolo as i had my Daughters with me at least you can chuck it in the boot and still display something and get to an event like this it really is a great event to get to,
    just for the social side because you can ask quetions and the owners will let you sit on them etc its a club event not a Show
  18. I may well have seen you and your Cucciolo in the past. I was involved with the DOCV and committee during the last couple of years at Como beofre the public liability insurance skyrocketed. I saw a Cucciolo mounted in a Mountain Bike frame at the 2004 NDR in Batemans' Bay NSW. I guess that wasn't you.
    The DOCV will be celebrating its 30th year in March 2006 at the NDR in Beechworth. You might like to attend. :D
  19. I think this is a great event for all motorcycle unthusiasts, not just Italian motorcycle riders.
  20. Thats right, we were chatting at the quaint winery which had the mountain of a dirt road, to ride into. :roll: