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[Melb] Festival of Italian Motorcycles - Sun Nov 12

Discussion in 'VIC' started by jd, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. Strange no-ones added this to the events calendar yet - I'd do it myself but for some reason I keep getting errors (using my office computer which only has Internet Explorer). Don't have anything to do with the event but I went last year and was impressed - there was a really good turnout of bikes, including quite a few very rare/exotic examples to drool over. It's on again this Sunday between 10 and 2 out front of the Melbourne Musuem and it's free to go have a look (least it was last year). Full details can be found here:

  2. I've been to a few of these over the years.
    It's a great venue and lots of interesting bikes come out of the woodwork.
    I know of a fellow NR working there and have been informed that the picture of at least one NR will be on the commemorative tshirts. Yay.
  3. So G...what time are we going??? :grin:
  4. I'd get there at 9-9.30, just to hear the noise as the punters trundle in. :wink:
  5. If I had a nice shiny italian Moto Guzzi LeMans instead of a slightly used and tatty one I might be tempted ;)
  6. Bring it anyway you can say this is what they look like when ridden. :grin: :LOL:
  7. I'll be there working :grin:
  8. I will be there with the Work display.
    Will have to take the camera and get some shots of the delectable bikes.
  9. Nope I won't be there working now, might come along for a look, see though.
  10. Hmmmm to go or not.... I have been to every one since 1997. Every year I have lined up my meticulously cleaned (for the occasion) Ducati and felt proud. This year is a different story. Yellow is in the garage looking smug but is also extremely grubby and covered in so many bugs I feel he must be responsible for the eradication of an entire species, not to mention tar, roadwork mud and dust. I couldn't line him up looking like this. I am not even sure he is Yellow any more there is so much dirt and I have no time to clean him to concours condition - it takes days to do properly, I know because he has been dirtier than this before. Might go for a look though - his last ride before a major service occurs. He is now 60,000km old! and going strong! Will see how time and chores are going. As have week from hell coming up.