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[Melb] Extreme speeds spark fresh warnings

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by CamKawa, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. A VICTORIAN motorcyclist has been clocked at almost 200 km/h, sparking fresh warnings for drivers to slow down over the Easter break.

    Senior Constable Wendy Willingham said the 27-year-old man from Gladstone Park was recorded by a speedgun today travelling at 196km/h, 86km/h above the limit, on the Hume Freeway, north of Melbourne, near Clonbinane.
    "We are warning motorists to slow down," Sen Constable Willingham said.

    "We want everybody to get home safely from the Easter break.

    "If you travel at those speeds, you are placing not only yourself but other road users at risk."

    The man was charged with exceeding the speed limit and driving at a dangerous speed and will face court at a later date.

    The police warning follows a spate of high-speed incidents in Victoria during the holidays.

    On Friday, police released details of two drivers caught speeding on the Eastern Freeway – a man caught travelling at 180km/h and a woman clocked at 133km/h.

    A 22-year-old man also was recorded travelling at 147km/h in an 80kph zone on the Princes Highway near Clayton at 12.15am (AEST) yesterday, and a woman was caught doing 135km/h in the same area at 11.40pm on Saturday.
  2. Pfft, he should've been able to go faster than that. :roll: What was he riding. :?

    :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Who's a naughty bad boy then?

    I haven't seen a post anywhere else so I hope it's not posted somewhere else but heard on the news tonight....................................

    Who was the bad boy on a Motorbike who was caught speeding today doing 196km/h while on their way to Broadford??
  4. he was riding a s----uuuuuu----zuuuukkiiiiiiiiiiii----

  5. dont worry i will already be tellin him when i see him next that he should of been going faster so the TOG car wouldnt catch him.. he was an idiot for speeding on that area of the hume..
  6. SO ur saying that theres a better place to speed?.... :shock: :)
  7. I would be telling this dude that when travelling at 200kmh,

    pulling over is optional :LOL:
  8. hehe well in Vic, there are some out of the city and burb areas that have virtually no traffic and no policing (to that i mean I have not seen a police presence on these road in many years of riding there). only thing you have to worry about is hitting a bird at 200+ ;)
  9. Yeah... just about anywhere :roll:
    Busy holiday weekend (THE busiest)... lots of traffic... LOTS of cops with radar... not even that far out of town!
    Seriously, if someone is dumb enough to get caught there, at that time, they're probably too dumb to be riding a bike.

    In, fact if you get caught any time, maybe there's a mesage that maybe you just aren't doing it in a quiet enough place?
    The only good thing is that the (NSW) cager in the BMW grabbed even bigger headlines with his 213kmh at Sunbury.
  10. stuck in forth no doubt :)
    he was on his way to broadford for a track day
  11. And when Ch7 heard about that they actually went to Broadford and shot some stock footage and interviewed a few people there and actually put a positive spin on the track day side of thing for a change so it wasn't all bad.....
  12. He's from Gladstone Park, i am tipping he was riding something stolen?