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[MELB] ESMRi Confusion Rally Australia Day Weekend 2006

Discussion in 'VIC' started by vic, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. The 20th Anniversary Confusion Motorcycle Rally is only a couple of months away.
    Its going to be the biggest year yet!

    We have;

    * Live music Friday & Saturday night (featuring The Phil Para Band)
    * Large screen TV's playing Aussie Motorcycle classics
    * A Wedding Ceremony on Sat Arvo
    * Wet T-Shirt Comp
    * Food & Booze available on site
    * Gymkhana
    * Huge burn out comp (Old tyres supplied, with tyre changing facilities on site)

    https://netrider.net.au/specialevents/confusion.doc for the complete document.
  2. Sounds good!

    I haven't been to confusion Rally since a couple of the early ones about 15 years ago...
  3. about 15 years ago for mw too
  4. Am fairly sure I have something on already but if not, a wet t-shirt comp is hard to pass up and that's aside from the rest of it.

    Note to Vic, please don't enter wet t-shirt comp!!
  5. They are paying me to be a contestant.

    I'm afraid it's either vote for me or look away.......

    Looking away is excusable
  6. There's 3 words that shouldn't be in the same sentence . Vic -t-shirt-wet . :-& :-& :-&
  8. Need to learn how to quote Brian, or at least hit the preview button first to see if you got it right :p

    Mickdundee didnt say that at all :D:D:D:D:D
  9. Quite right Vic. :( Sorry Mick. :?

    Don't know what happened there. Obviously didn't look. :roll:

    However Vic, you know what I meant. Not nit picking tonight are we?? :p :p
  10. The slow ride at confusion hasn't been won
    by a HARLEY since phil sold his !!!
    whats going on? there's got to be
    a slow harley rider out there somewhere????
    even a slow ducati or across should be able to go
    slower than the bandit!!!!!

  11. Depends Brian, if you spotted all the smilies then no, if you didn't spot them then yes, i'm nit picking.
  12. Vic cant nit pick he's Bald :p :p :p :p :p :LOL:
  13. It's moved up the road since then, used to be in the nice shady spot in the Nat Park before the NPS went funny at the thought of having a rally in a Nat Park. It's now in a paddock back towards Licola. Good rally still, but desparately lacking shade.
  14. there's still plenty of shade down at the river.
    just grab a six pack and sit in the water watchin'
    all the bikes roll in!!!
  15. Yeah I didn't notice the smileys, like I didn't notice the snip area either, the words upset me. No worries though, I was a bit tired. Forget it. :wink:

    The site at Licola is not too bad. The river/creek crossing is the fun part.

    Most of the blokes I met there were allright as well. Easy to talk to.

    I missed last year but will try to get there this year. Might be a prob because it falls on my b'day and I might not be fit to ride.
  16. [Melb] Eastern Suburbs Confusion Rally,25th Anniversary

    Just to let the rally goers,,,,,,,,,,,, (if any)
    eastern suburbs M/C has their rally on at Licola this coming long weekend. Its a top rally, and heaps of like minded motorcycle lovers, Here is details.

    27th-29th January 20th Confusion Rally VIC. Licola, signposted from Heyfield. Eastern Suburbs Motorcycle Riders
    PO Box 47 Boronia VIC 3155
    Phil Turner 0417 581 861

    $15/$20. Pre-paid entries close 13th Jan. Phil Para Band playing Friday and Saturday nights. Fully catered food and booze. Bike videos on a large screen tv, huge burnout comp, (tyre changing facilities available), wet t-shirt comp, gymkhana, swimming holes, rally wedding Saturday afternoon. No BYO alcohol, no fireworks, no firebombs, no dogs.

    yes it does say wedding, they met there so why not marry there ?
    marriage is grand.......................... divorce is 100 grand..........

    DOES anyone who plans on going have a spare gixxa 90 mdl rear rim they can bring please :). promise not to hurt it.

  17. I am going to try to be there on the Sat. Don't know if I'll stay the night. Depends on the weather.

    Should be sober by the Sat from the Thu before. :p
  18. Just got home from the rally. :)

    Fantastic. Lots of laughs. Met some interesting people. :)

    They had a horizontal bungie and a MRA bloke had a go. Not too bad, can't think of his name though, sorry.

    Motorcycle wedding there too. Good luck you two.

    Plenty of Cougars exposed to egg the boys on in the races. :p :p :p :p

    Couldn't stay for the night. Maybe next year.

    Nice sew on badge with gate fee too.

    Good one ERMCI.

    Edit. Will post a couple of pics tomorrow.