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[Melb] EOI for Monday daytime ride

Discussion in 'VIC' started by MV, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. My work situation is changing & I'll have mondays off starting feb, so I figure it's the perfect time to ride.

    My license is hanging by a thread for the next year, so it won't be crazy fast riding (unless we can get away with it :-w), more like go somewhere for lunch, explore some new roads, come home, that type of thing.

    Happy for learners to tag along, we'll adjust the pace to suit, if faster riders want to come along, great, I'll learn a few things, no doubt.

    Thinking once a fortnight, weekly possibly, depending on what else I need to do on my day off...

    Anyone got Mondays free & want to explore the roads around melbourne?
  2. I've got one more week of night shift, then should be free for Mondays for a while from the 14th onwards.
  3. Nice!

    I think my mondays are free from next week, I'll be riding whether anyone joins me or not :)
  4. I will be interested in these, need to be in Rossana around 5pm on Mondays. Coach sports during the week, but often, free mondays till mid afternoon.

  5. Friggin double post, why can't I just hit a delete button if need be?
  6. MV, if you're still keen for the ride, time and place to meet up?

    I'll PM you my details if need be.
  7. Busy this week, thinking of heading to the GOR next week (21st) though, if you're keen.
  8. I should take some flex-time before it "disappears" at the end of the month, never to be seen again... A Monday ride sounds good to me! I'll post again when I decide when I'll take the day off. :D
  9. so anyone got a ride planned for the public holiday tomorrow?
  10. not yet, might go for one if it isnt raining.. any ideas?
  11. supposed to be 25 on tuesday... might be better for a ride?
  12. I gotta work on Tues, tomorrow only for me.

    as for ideas...... nth east? would like to meet around 10am leaving 10.30, but if you aint up for it no probs.
  13. Me and a friend are going riding early tomorrow (Tuesday 18/4/11) till midday. If any netriders want to join they're more than welcome to come. Departing from Broadmeadows Quix petrol station (next door to maccas) at 7am. My rides usually are spontaneous spur of the moment so will be announced late.
  14. Was that "spur of the moment" or "up the spurs in a moment"? :D
    (please excuse my awful sense of humour)...
  15. Hehe you could say a bit of both ((:)

    On the way to Yea there was no traffic behind us for the whole way then 2km before the turn off to the town centre at about 9am I see bike lights appear in the rear. As they get closer it's apparent they're cops. They were riding double file in 4 rows. Not sure where they jumped on the road but they must have been speeding like hell to catch up to us as they covered a fair bit of distance. Looked in the rear for party lights which there were none so we marched on. True to form they stopped by at a bakery to pickup donuts.

    On the way to the Black Spur riding thru Buxton at about 11:30am passing a servo and what do you know again there were 8 bike cops giving us the look as we ride by. What the hells with cops and starring at riders riding by. We're only riding mate get a life.

    Further down the Maroondah cops check weighing trucks and we get the look from them too. The look like the I'll get you next time sort of one.

    From the group cops we saw I came to the conclusion that they all ride out together to a central point where after consuming their rdi of donuts they scatter around and play bush and seek.
  16. hahah play bush and seek :p