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[Melb] Eildon and Reefton Ride, Sat 24th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by FormerUser1, Sep 23, 2005.

  1. Meet Warrandyte bus shelter (at the bridge over the Yarra, next to the roundabout in town) 9.00-9.15,
    leaving 9.30 sharp, full tanks, corner-marking, the usual.
    Class 4
    check here: http://www.members.optusnet.com.au/glitch1/rideclass/

    Outta Warrandyte/Xmas Hills/Yarra Glen/Old Healesville Rd/Black Spur/Eildon/Mt. Pillinger/Jerusalem Creek Boathouse/ Skyline Rd/ Alexandra/ a bit of hwy to Buxton/ Marysville/Reefton/Warby...possibly up Donna Buang,
    lunch somewhere in between.
    Should be around a good-300+km.
    Bring Wets!!
  2. Bends addict... Have you ridden the following as theya re full of bends:
    Chum Creek
    Black Spur

    All four sections are tight and twisty... Fun Fun Fun

    YOu have a good ride also :)
  3. The first 3 are part of my standard bike-test loop (after repairs/ mods or on demos) Mansfield-Whitfield's great...but takes a good hour of Main-Hwy-camera-dodging along the Goulburn Vly Hwy and around Alex to get to the good stuff. Same on the way back.
  4. Any idea what time you plan on getting back into town?

    I'm keen to come but don't know if I can get a leave pass for the whole day.
  5. Thats an interesting looking run there glitch. Haven't been out that way for years. See ya there :D
  6. Most probably about mid-late afternoon
  7. Sounds good :D
    get some practice in for NZ, aye?
  8. Doubt I'll be able to make it so don't bother waiting for me if I'm not at Warandyte. I might head off early and be back before you leave.
  9. Thanks to all who came along, 'twas a good one :D
    After the drizzle at the start, then rain around Healesville, it was dry and blue skies on the other side of the Spur.
    And after Chairman on the SR500, Roarin on the Viffer4 is another great example of what they "breed in the west" :D
    Good fun...even the group-license-checks... :wink:
  10. Hope, all you guys enjoyed the footy - you had to be somewhere, because there was hardly anyone on the roads - bliss!!!
    After the initial slight drizzle it was sunshine (nearly) all the way. I was so hoping to test my new wet-weather gear......... ah well, there is always another day and another ride.
  11. It was indeed an excellent days riding :D A little bit of damp at the start only made it a bit more interesting. Excellent roads, scenery & company. What more do you need? :D
  12. Are you guys kidding???

    The weather was good on the other side of the spur???

    When I arrived at McD's at 8:00am Saturday m,orning it was raining cats and dogs... Literally..... A friend of mine in mansfield was saying it was wet and miserable down that way??
  13. I headed out to Yea with the missus. There was a little dampness in places, but it was mostly dry.
    Nearly rained once or twice, but it never really came to anything.

    Coming back, the last part of the B300 (the good bit) was damp, with a trail of diesel all the way back until I turned off for Christmas Hills. Nasty!
  14. Hmm, would have liked to see that.

    Did you step in a poodle? :LOL:
  15. Yup, the crap lifted right at DomDom Saddle (top of the Spur), after that there were a few damp patches down to Narbethong, from there on it was a completely dry day. Around Eildon/ Alex about lunchtime, big blue holes allround. Clear view to Mt. Buller/ Sterling from Skyline Rd., Mansfield would've been dry then. The odd black cloud, but way too high to be threatening.
    Ahh...AND empty roads...