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[MELB] Eastern Suburb Licensed RWC?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by cash, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    Anyone can direct me to the nearest place to get a bike Roadworthy in Eastern Suburb? Any place near Knox City? How much usually do they charge for issuing RWC if nothing needs to be replaced..

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Howdy,

    I do believe that Jeffery Honda do RWC's, its Burwood wy, Ferntree gully...
    Usually RWC are about $65.
  3. Floyd Parkes Kawasaki at Ferntree Gully does it too, ~$60
  4. Piston Broke on Dorset Rd also do RWC. Can't rember how much it was though.
  5. Cool - I was wondering the same thing ......... :)
  6. Do they offer "come to you" sort of service? Don't mind pay extras for that..
  7. Go to Vic Roads and get a unregistered vechile permit 70 bucks for a month that way its legal to ride around with no plate

    You need frame and engine numbers

    Then you can go where ever you want

    No Road worthy testers never ever come to you
    got to do with the licence they hold
  8. Dandenong has the chepest RWC's in melb... try both Dandenong motorcycle wreckers and Global Motorcycle wreckers... I also belive otheres in the area charge the same..
  9. Make sure you get a free quote. It's worth while to also get different quotes from other places since some people say "change breaks and sprokets" without even looking at the bike. That's what happened when I first got my bike...
  10. highly recommend dande wreckers (bennet st bike tune). not only cheap, but will not try to rip you off either (unlike sharptune.... grumble grumble). and unless things have changed in the last few months, global dont do roadies, and they seem to be getting more dirt squirter oriented than they used to be too....
  11. what do you mean by 'free quote'?

    if you mean the inspection, then thats what they're charging you for. if they pick something and tell you to go fix it, they've still done the same work as they would have if they picked nothing and sent you off with a cert.

    SOME places will be nice enuff to send you off with a list and not charge you for it, but you'll find most will hit you up for the full fee straight up, tell you what it'll cost to fix things with them and either fix it for you and give you the RWC or charge you a second inspection fee when you fix it and bring it back.
  12. Hmmm global don't do RWC?? It has been a long while since I have been there... But last time I was there they did... obviously some thing to be checked out.
  13. lordtb, can you please PM me your contact number.. The number you gave me before is short of 1 digit..

  14. Jeebus Christ - why would RWCs have increased in price so much? I remember when I got my bike road worthied when i had just got my license (just off my restrictions recently so not too much over a year ago) it cost me $35.

    Did I just manage to get a really good deal (not bloody likely) or have they just mysteriously risen in price by that much?