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[Melb] Easter Fri->Sun ride to Corryong

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by godfather, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. g'day all easter is around the conner im thinking of taking a trip to corryong and then spending a few days there whilst there will do thredbo jyndabyne ect . we would leave friday return monday the last time we went we had a blast of a time frank allways puts on a good ride hopefully he'l have he's bike back in time to join us so who's in ill post some more details a bit later

  2. i'll be coming for sure "Manny" , was an amazing trip last time, wouldn't miss this one for the world :D
  3. wont be able to make this one, wont have a new rear tyre in time :(
  4. You seem to always be at that point you need a new tyre just before any ride, I think you need to get a better bike! even an across will do for you
  5. nah i just seem to ride to much since nov 2004 just over 20000kms :) and 5 rear tyres. Riding two up most of the time kills rears :(

  6. thats a shame was hoping you would be coming theres still plenty of time yet .

    twistie's twistie and more twistie's :D :D

    cheers Emanouel 8)
  7. cooryong

    Howdy there sounds awesome and if the rds are anything like this wkend gone to port campbell i'm sure mark will b up4 it2!good 1! :D
  8. Shabby, 20000km since Nov 2004. Wow, I'm lucky if I travel that in a year, let alone 3 months. No wonder you need new tyres...:LOL:
  9. Maybe, just maybe.

    What will be the deal with accommodation? Will it be at a Caravan Park, tents, hotel, motel????

    Do we have any idea, since Easter in only a couple of weeks away, the times we would depart and estimated number of people going that are not from this site????
  10. The caravan park at Corryong has cabins that are pretty good.

    Let me recommend the Pinnibar Motel in Corryong. For a joke, a friend of mine arranged an executive retreat for his management team and housed them at the Pinnibar. His services are no longer required with that employer.

    Part of the "Norman Bates" chain, this is a motel worth staying at just to be able to say you survived. DO NOT PLUG ANYTHING INTO THE POWER POINTS

    For food, try the "Pickled Parrot" at Khancoban (you don't believe that this place exists, do you...). After ordering a few things and being told that "the delivery truck doesn't arrive until next week", "the fridge is playing up" etc, I ordered a Greek Salad. Out came a green salad with large chunks of tasty cheese. The waitress peered into the bowl and announced "Its the chef's special recipe". At the next table, someone muttered "Try the Waldorf Salad" at which the diners (all Fawlty Towers fans, it seems) collapsed into fits of laughter.

  11. ok it will be motel and so far there are three 3 of us and a possible 4th we would leave friday morning at 8am from peter stevens dandenong

    i will put all the details up for the trip tomowro morning
  12. maybe as i dont know about work etc but i'll let you know ;)
  13. ok this is the run down
    dates leave melbourn friday 25th
    meeting point peter stevens dandenong
    time 12:45 pm the time has changed due to work stuffing me round :x
    should arive at corryong around 6:00 pm i hope
    from p/s we will go thrue Emerald ,belgrave, yarraglen.yae. mansfield and so on once were in corryong we can relax and get ready for saturday's big ride. thredbo , charlotte pass ,and jindabyne :D
    saturday night its of to the pub for a few drinks.
    sunday will head home the same way hopefully with no hangovers lol
    my self and 3 others will be staying at this place listed below they are cheap and still had rooms up for grabs
    my mobile is 0412051544 if any one got any questions

    ps. sorry about the spelling lol

    cheers Emanouel 8)

    Pinnibar Motel
    Host name(s): Peter Whitehead
    Address: 74 Towong Rd (Murray Valley Hwy), Corryong VIC 3707
    Phone: 02 6076 1766
    Fax: 02 6076 2008

    1 Person $55.00 Daily
    2 Persons $66.00 Daily
    Extra Person $11.00 Daily
  14. five days to go :D

    just bringing it back up to the top :p

    cheers Emanouel
  15. there is a couple of good b&b's up there :) plus the pub does good cheap accom to, damn tell ya i'm a tad pssed i cant go :(
  16. dont worry shabby, i'll tell you all about it when we get back :D

    i'll be thinkin of ya on the way to, if that helps :p
  17. and only one sleep to go lol lol lol :D i know im 35 :roll: im just to exited :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  18. oh and who ever changed the heading to this trip thanks ill know for next time :D
  19. Geez, how come I've been looking for easter rides for days, and I only see now?

    A tag too short notice.......and you probably wouldn't want a girl on 250 hanging around anyway....have fun!!!

  20. hi Untame_me you are more then welcome to come along if you are intrested