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[Melb East Suburbs] Good tyre supplier

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by cejay, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. I need new tyres for the Blade, ideally Pilot Powers. I could flick through the yellow pages but...does anyone have a good reliable tyre supplier who can fit and balance? Wheels will be off the bike.

    I'm out in the East, don't mind a reasonable drive if the price/service is good.

  2. try sharptune in Dandenong 97922889 great service and just abunch of healpfull guys in general
  3. Had GREAT service from A1 in Ringwood. Bought the Power rear there.
  4. The shop that is next door to Peter Stevens Service in Ringwood. (Around the rear of PS shop) Street that runs along the railway.
  5. try pablos - they're pretty good
    cheaper if you bring the wheels in yourself otherwise its an extra $20.

    They are just off the ferntree gully exit (SE)
  6. '
    I agree with Vic on this place
    we just bought tyres for my partners bike and will definatly go back the service is 100%
  7. I wonder if that is the shop called Treads 'n' things that was once owned by Vince Genova of Nova Honda/Ducati....
  8. i just got a call from my partner
    and he said Yes is called Treads 'n' things
    here are the details

    Treads 'n' Things
    Ringwood - Motor Cycles, Parts & Accessories-Retail

    Address: Olive Grove
    Ringwood, VIC, 3134
    Telephone: 03 9870 1755
  9. Hi

    I am booked in for a set of Powers for Sat week

    Pablos were rich $535
    Bob Jane City was $470
    Redwing honda came down to $490

    Im going to redwing 2 min from home :)

    I cant wait to get rid of the Macadam 90x's

  10. i got my p/p for 480-490 i think.
    had them for 2 weeks and got a nail through it.... pissed off!!!