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[Melb] Early Risers Spur Run

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Urban, Jan 16, 2006.

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    After braving the mayhem that is the Spurs on a weekend afternoon during yesterdays ride, I think I'm going to stick to my early morning blats for a while.

    Date: Saturday January 21st

    Meet: Lillydale McDonalds 6.45am for a 7.00am depart.

    Heading straight out the highway to hit the spurs before everyone gets up.

    Will be turning around at Reefton and heading back to Marysville for breakfast. Then straight back to play on the Black Spur until all the looneys turn up. (maybe do the slide as well)

    Here's your chance to ride the spurs without having to dodge cars all the way.
  2. Melb] Early Risers Spur Run

    just a Heads Up that Log Trucks still run the Spur(s) Yarra Glenn (SLIDE )and Healesville to Narbethong (Black SPUR) 6 days a week from 4 am
    and until approx mid day on saturdays,,,
    (my man is a logger)
  3. Hey Jeff,

    come out mid week - better weather, no cars. :grin:

    Oh that's right one has to be non-employed to have every week off :grin:

  4. or self-employed :grin: but then - I work weekends :( 5-2 not bad ratio tho' :p
  5. Hello Urban.

    This sounds great. I will do my best to get out that way for the agreed time.

    Take it easy, Mark.
  6. You don't have to be un employed to go midweek, I've been known to leave home in the dark and get a lap in before work.

    Biggest hazard that early is the bloody wallabies, I've nearly cleaned up 2 so far. :shock:
  7. Will see you there mate :biker:

  8. Going through the Black Spur early last Saturday morning one of those logging trucks (empty) overtook 2 vehicles in one go, going uphill on the twisty bit! Clocked him at 100kph.

    May see you guys for brekky in Marysville tomorrow morning. Can't see me getting the missus out of bed and on the back of the bike before 8:00, so we'll just go straight to the bakery in M, then probably do Lake Mt and Reefton afterwards - just like last Saturday. Life's tough.

    Regards, Graham.
  9. Hi,

    As long as I can remember to get up, I'll see you at Lilydale Macca's.

  10. Hopefully this storm won't leave things too damp up there.

    Forecast is for 33 degrees so I'll offer up the BBQ and pool at my place in Croydon if anyone wants to cool down after the ride. :biker:
  11. I wouldnt worry its a little storm, only that its moving slowly. Its still very warm, and will remain so overnight, be surprised if roads arent dry in an hour or so.
  12. Me and Another Macca will meet you guys at the Ampol servo at the bottom of the black spur at 7:45
  13. Hehe... I was thinking of doing the same on Sunday morning. Gotta get in early, before the heat. :p
  14. Great day, great roads, yet more good people! What more could I want?

    Thx for organising the day, had a ball and it's cooler and quieter in the morning. But don't tell anyone else!

  15. Nearly killed me getting up that early, but dam was it worth it :twisted:

    Had a fantastic run and yeah!..there was a bit of crap on the road up there but wasnt to bad

    Great riding with you all and see you on the next ride :)
  16. I'm heading there tomorrow with mates, 7am. Anything to watch out for?