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[Melb] Early morning Kinglake, Chum Creek Ride, Thu Dec 21

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Tiga, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. The forecast is for a max of 35 degrees tomorrow so I'm planning on getting my riding done early and hitting the pub in the arvo.

    Meeting time is 8:35am for an 8:45am start
    Meeting point is the car park opposite the pub in Warrandyte. Melways ref 23 F11. It's just west of the roundabout.

    Route: Kinglake, Chum Creek, Healsville, Black Spur (out), Black Spur (back), Healsville (end and coffee).

    I think we will be back in Healsville before 11am so hopefully should mostly miss the heat. Hope to see some of you in the morning


  2. I should be there :grin: :grin: :grin: , but will be traveling at a more relaxed pace than you are use to seeing due to a resent shoulder injury.

    Shhhhhh nobody tell my boss, doctor or physio that I was on the bike and it will be fine :)
  3. Naughty Realm... NAUGHTY Realm!
  4. appx what time you think you might be at Healesville for the outbound trip?
  5. Katherine, you have been doing some serious riding lately..Well Done. :cool:
    Would have loved to have joined you but I have work tomorrow, hopefully that's it for a couple of weeks with work. :cool:
  6. will see how i pull up tommorow
    you know drink now pay the price tommorow
    but i will see what i can do
  7. I promise not to tell ..... for a price :p
  8. ever so tempting ... but its difficult to be "sick off from work" a day after the other :oops:.
    have to give this a miss and will just do my normal lunch rides up my local twisties (a.k.a. sassafras).
    have fun and keep it safe gals & guys.
  9. I'd love to tag along, but some of us have to work for a couple more days yet! :cry:

    Have fun, kiddies. Play nice. :)
  10. I'm jealous! Ride safe!
  11. was planning to do this exact run.
    So i will cya at the meeting point. Hopefully i dont sleep through the alarm.
    :grin: :grin:
  12. i'm thinking you'll be through Healesville around 9.30am, I'll be sipping a latte at the Beechworth Bakery...Any chance you guys could swing past?
  13. sorry missed the alarm
    hope you have a good ride
  14. no probs, hope the drinking session was a good one :)
  15. C'arn Kat you went on the ride. give us all the jucy details...
  16. Sorry, I was about to post but got distracted by my crazy cat!

    So, I arrived at the meeting point to find Realm, Natta and RoderickGI all ready to go. After waiting a couple of minutes for any late comers we headed off. I think it’s fair to say that the road up to King Lake made it pretty clear to me that I needed to take it easy :? I probably do that road every 2nd or so weekend but if I’m not in the right head space I still find it challenging. After we crossed the Melba highway Realm took the lead and made easy work of Chum Creek Rd despite a dodgy shoulder and never having done it before! Natta was also very impressive on his 2-stroke and carved it up.

    We met up with cejay in Healsville and after a short break hit the black spur. As always it was totally awesome. I hung back a bit to get some space between me and everyone else, went back to the Superbike school riding basic and finally got it together to do some decent corners :) The ride back was equally as good and the spur also offered the benefit of some cool air. All the trees and shade seem to keep the air a good 2-3 degrees cooler than elsewhere.

    After reaching the bakery cejay pointed out RoderickGI’s back tyre, or rather lack thereof. Not having any tread didn’t seem to slow him down though!

    Thanks for coming everyone. I just realised that will be my last ride for the next two weeks as I’m off to Canberra and then the Gold Coast tomorrow. I’m glad it was such a good one. Hope to ride with you all again in 2007 :grin:
  17. Had a ball. Great ride, the roads were mostly clear. A little hot though.
    Thanks to tiga for arranging the ride. And everyone else who came.
  18. Like Natta, I would have done a similar ride by myself today if you hadn't posted Kartherine, so I'm glad you did. Much more fun with a good group of people, and the opportunity for a chin wag at the bakery. :grin:

    Well, after sliding the rear out last Tuesday, then having both the front and rear tyres go into a shuddering straight line slide/hop on the way down the spur, then having cejay give cheek about my tyres, it was time to do the deed and replace them both. As Tiga said though, not that it was slowing me down. . . much. :shock: I was actually able to keep up with a crippled Realm on the way down the Black Spur. Even with Realm having a bung right shoulder, that isn't easy. She could still go fast on the left hand corners. :!:

    I had been looking and asking around for a while, trying to choose the right tyres. I really wanted the new Michelin Pilot Power 2CT's, but they weren't available yet. Only weeks or days away, but my tyres really weren't going to last that long, and I couldn't just stop riding to wait for the 2CT's. Some people in America have been raving about Continental Sport Attacks and Road Attacks, so I would have liked to try them, but had reservations about Continental brand reputation, and my current prefered tyre man doesn't stock them. I also wanted to get a bit more mileage out of a set of tyres than the 8,202 Km I got on the Pirelli Scorpion Sync's, and was being advised that Pilot Roads would be fine for my riding.

    Forget it, I enjoy these spirited rides with my Netrider friends too much to go for just Road tyres. I need a little sport in my tyres, so I will stop scaring cejay when I slide around all over the road in front of him. :p

    So I gave up the opportunity for a quick spurt up Melba Creek Road and down Chub Creek Road with cejay after our coffees at the Beechworth Bakery, and headed directly to my tyre man.

    I now have a brand new pair of Michelin Pilot Power tyres on the Multistrada. Well, almost brand new. Just riding home, with a small detour via Warrandyte, and I have already rubbed the tyre release compound off the tread to within a centimetre or so of the edge. Hmmm, when I scrub these tyres up properly, I can see using a lot more of the surface than I did with the Scorpions.

    So that's my Christmas present sorted out. :LOL: What a great way to spend a lazy Thursday. I didn't even mind the heat or smoke. :cool: Thanks everyone.

    PS: Oh yeah. I boiled my rear brake fluid again coming down the Spur. The peddle just swings down with no braking what so ever. It's the second time, and this was with brand new brake fluid. I think I'll just have to stop using the brakes at all. :roll: