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[Melb] Early mornin spurs squirt 26/01

Discussion in 'VIC' started by PNUCKLE, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. Tomorrow morning i am planing on doing a run from Mobil servo at Pakenham to C0ckatoo to Woori Yallok to the Ampol servo at Healsville.

    Then the Black spur to Marysville ( coffee ) Then Cumberland Junction to the bottom of Reefton.

    Then i'll either reverse the ride or depending on time meet with the ride to Noojee tomorrow.

    If you wish to join all i ask is that your a competent rider so i don't have to baby sit. But am willing to pull up and wait at the end of the spur and at Marysville and Cumberland Junction.

    7am at Pakenham Mobil servo...8am at Ampol servo at Healsville.

    Hope to be back at Pakenham early arvo to beat the heat
  2. WTF..7am at Pakenham :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: ...... Dean your killing me here..... I will see if I can drag myself out of bed, dont like the chances thow :grin: :grin: :grin: .....
  3. ...7am start! yikes...

    I like the sound of the ride... I will set the alarm and see what happens.


  4. If you play your cards right, you could be back in the comfort of your air cons by lunchtime. That's what I'm thinkin is Dean's idea....
  5. fitting the nobbies now...will see you at Healesvile Ampol at 8 :LOL:
  6. That's correct Karen and you can at least say you've been for a ride aswell :grin:
  7. really not sure about this 7am thing, is the sun up at that time??
    if i'm able to stomach coffee i'll see if i can make it.
  8. Hey how about, if on your way from Langwarrin to Pakenham. You go through Cranbourne via Tompson Rd and drag my arss out of bed... Then Ive got no excuse for not showning up.

  9. Sweeet :applause: :applause:

  10. Be good if you made it champ...Haven;t riden with you in a while
  11. If I left here at 6am, I could do the GOR and get back before the tourists hit the road :)

    I usually wake up at 5am, If I'm awake I'll go.

    Would have loved to come along Deano, but hey, getting to the start point would mean I'd have to get up at 4am :shock: bugger that.

    Besides, shabby is going on your ride :LOL:
  12. i was thinking of an early morning one tomorrow so might try to join you. is the Pakenham Mobil on the Princes Hwy?
  13. tis kewl Vic, the ride also called for a competent rider:)
  14. Dont know if i will be able to make it out of bed(going out soon)
    But i will give it a try

    C U at packie if i make it :grin:

  15. hahahahha.

    run away little boy, run away

  16. Yes carri27 its on the left hand side of Princess hwy as you go through Pakenham..If you see the BP on the right your gone to far..
  17. Right well im off to bed then..

    I will wait for 5-10 mins at Pakenham and then 5-10 mins at Ampol servo in Healsville max..

    If i see you guy's i see you guys..
  18. to damn early if you ask me:?
  19. What a ride...Thanx to everyone that turned up..That was some good fun..

    Sorry Realm :oops:
  20. SSSSHHHHHH Dean your not allowed to tell anyone remember :oops: :oops: :oops: ....
    Give me a week, and nobody will ever tell the difference....

    Thanks Dean it was a fun day, even if I was still asleep when I took the bike out of the garage this morning :roll: :roll: ... but I did wake up very fast.