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[MELB] Early arvo ride

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by deyago, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. My manager in his infinite wisdom has granted me a half day today :D . So, I was wondering if anyone wanted to go for an afternoon blat. I should be out of here between 12 and 1, I'll be leaving from my office in Richmond so can meet anywhere around here. I'd prefer people on open licenses on bikes bigger than 250cc. I don't have a specific destination in mind, "wherever" is as specific as I can be bothered getting right now.

    If this sounds like your cup of hot beverage PM me to arrange a meeting place.

    Jake :)
  2. Hey deyago, can you export your manager up here, or at least arrange to have him cloned? I'd love to have an early mark today, I've got a brand new set of tyres to scrub in!!!
  3. Well I hope I can still have it, my manager has left the office and the supervisor I'm standing in for hasn't come back from Sydney as we expected so I'm stuck here until someone shows up. :cry: :roll:

    Still planning on it but I'll see what happens. And no, you can't have him, it took me years to get a good one and I'm keeping him! :LOL:
  4. Reminds me of the line from the old Goon Show, when Neddy was looking for a suspect in Bloodnock's regiment
    Neddy: I'm looking for a thief
    Bloodnock: You get your own, it took me years to collect this lot!
  5. =[ would have been their, as im board shitless. but your reasons are fair enuf.
  6. Well, I'm finally out of here! Not really much time left for a proper ride so I'll have to amuse myself with a short one.

    Sorry to any and all 2 fiddy riders, I just didn't feel like playing catch up all day.

    Hope the rest of you are enjoying work! :p