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(Melb) Dyno Day 3/7/10

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Dazzler, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. Was talking with Dave at Dynobike today about bikes in general and all sorts of things to make a bike go faster, Power Commanders, exhausts, air filters, tuning, etc and he showed me around his state-of-the-art dyno and computerised tuning gear.

    We talked about having a Dyno Day that Netriders can come along to on Saturday July 3rd from 10am to 1pm.

    Dyno test and report just 20 dollars!! YEP JUST $20. At this stage first in best dressed.

    Unit 2, 1 Winston Crt, Moorabbin Dave Edgecombe- 9553 0018

    Register your interest here so Dave's got an idea of numbers.
  2. Yup Im interested.......

  3. Will he be doing any adjustments?
  4. I can't speak for Dave, but I wouldn't think so at that price. Maybe call him and see what he could do on the day.
  5. I know it wouldn't be for that price, just wondering if on the day he would be willing to install new maps etc. Kind of a waste of time and money if there won't be any adjustments for me.
  6. He showed me the new computer system for Power Commander adjustments. Adjustments are his bread and butter, I'm certain that Dave will have an answer for you if you call him.
  7. nooo winton fun day is on that day! make it the 4th
  8. Oh heck yeah.
  9. Me,me, me, me, I'll play!

    That is to say I am very interested.

    Will I get an A/F readout also?
  10. I'm going for the slowest on the day award!
  11. Dave is a good bloke, for a noozilunda. lol

    He does top work.
  12. G'day everyone,...

    Just added this day to my callander!

    Sounds good,.. I'll give it a go,..
    Would be intersting to see how Romana is running,....

    Dr Who?
  13. Never had a dyno done on a vehicle before. Why is a dyno test recommended?
  14. Why do you look at your speedo . . . . to see what speed your bike is doing.

    Why do you have a dyno test done . . . . to see what power and torque your bike is putting out and where abouts in the rev range. Also a great tool for validating that tuning mods and changes are having the desired positive effects.
  15. And wankfactor.
  16. I see, thanks for the explanation. Guess for $20 that's a bargain as I always thought it was more expensive.

    Count me +1 in.
  17. A dyno run is normally way more than this, closer to $100+
  18. Spoke with Dave today, he is not expecting to have enough time to do adjustments unless it is a bright sunny day and everyone is out riding the hills instead. If there's only half a dozen or so he will be able to do some adjustments as well but not included in the price. Again, give him a call.
  19. Asked Dave today and the answer is YES.
  20. Great, that's all I need!

    BTW, if you're having trouble making up numbers, I will happily take one run at the start of the day & one at the end :)

    I'll pay twice of course.