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melb drivers

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by mikey_mikestar, May 29, 2009.

  1. Been in melb 2 weeks on the bike and already have nearly been cleaned up twice :mad: . dumb shit pulled out of a side street in front of me when i was about 20 meters away, was doing 60 so had to hit the brakes. Front wheel locked up but kept it upright (dont know how). So i figure if i have a chance of having an accident once a week, thats 52 times a year I might be in trouble. :( . Not good odds. But still love the riding.

  2. There is a topic thread for this dude. Look for 'near misses'

    Just a heads up.

  3. Were you on Bourke Rd approaching Dandenong Road at the time?
    That happened to a guy behind me today. THis guy wasn't looking and nearly pulled out on me but lukcily looked up in time. Few seconds later I hear tyres screech. Look behind me and see another bike swerving around the guy who had pulled out even further.
  4. I was on nicholson st heading for bell st. sorry put this in the wrong spot still new to the site and finding my way around.
  5. There are bad Drivers and bad Riders everywhere.
  6. Practice your braking if you want to venture on our roads mate.
  7. not to mention developing your situational awareness, and precognitive abilities.
  8. +1

    Dickhead drivers are everywhere, but you're the one who needs to make sure you stay alive. Learn to read the traffic and expect that every car is about to pull out in front of you.
  9. Be very careful in Nicholson St, lots of little old ethnic men and women and doof doof idiots.
  10. When I drove to Melbourne a few months ago, I learned very quickly that a red light means you can fit two or three more cars through, if I'm behind the front of their car I don't exist, and it's perfectly ok to do 100 in an 80 zone, because everyone else is doing it, but when they slow down, you do too, because there's a speed camera up ahead.

    That's pretty much all I could work out about Victorian Roads. Very different to SA =\
  11. I was chauffeured in this morning and watching the traffic around us I realised that red lights are purely decorative. Also intersections are designed to be blocked and stationary trams are there to be overtaken when the doors are open. And pedestrians are quite entitled to walk on the road in the inside lanes on Royal Parade. :roll:

    It's also OK for cars to drive right down Royal Parade in the tram lane and force their way back in.

    And on the positive side Suzuki riders give you a nice polite thank you and a wave when you move over to let them filter. :LOL:

    Considering the "motorcycle aware driver" sticker on the back of the car she'd better move over. :p
  12. yep and then you go to qld and its the complete opposite. the drivers there just slowly drive around in lala land and i now believe that when you cross the border into qld the inicators on your can stop working cos no one uses them.
  13. kinda glad that in three years driving a car in Melbourne i've managed to suss out all the major species of dickhead car driver. now i'm on a bike i can pick out sub-species and everything.

    like that there's actually four different types of volvo driver (one of which is the 'schoolmum in an XC90 who is putting her lippy on and can't see things on 2 wheels' - experienced today on punt road), and three of bmw (including the familiar 'the orange flashy things on the corner of my car were deinstalled in Munich, so you're just going to have to be psychic about my choice of lane' - also punt road today.

    where was i going with this. oh yeah, did my first swerve today to avoid said volvo. damn that VTR is nimble, i love it. still can't work out how i didn't come off though.
  14. was told today that learning to drive around melb (i was in a truck but i spose the same principle applies to bikes) is not stressfull, its called character building. apparently i dont have enough character. :shock:
  15. Character building is right. I reckon my character must be some kind of monolith by now. Went from putting around Ocean Grove, Drysdale Queenscliff to Preston->City run every day. Been doing it a few months. Off to get rid of the Learners on Tuesday (yay!)

    I avoid Nicholson St if I can now, St George's Rd is a much better option if you're headed for Bell st IMHO. Not as many turn-ins and no tram tracks!

    Just STAY OFF BRUNSWICK RD between the city and the Eastern Freeway!!! It's a bloody nightmare. Sick of bastards treating 2-lane roads with parking like they're just one big lane. Better off turning up Eastern and heading into city via Lygon.
  16. I'm a Melbourne driver and I would say that we have the worst drivers. People seem to drive like maniacs here, especially in the wet. I've just come back from a year in Japan. The roads are so busy over there but the drivers are really patient. People turn left of a side street and causing a car to their right to break slightly. In Melbourne you'd get idiots speeding up just to cause a point. In Japan people keep their cool and the traffic flows a lot better.