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[Melb] Drivers prepared to speed: survey

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by CamKawa, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Drivers prepared to speed: survey


    VICTORIAN drivers have the nation's highest distrust of speed cameras, while almost a third admit to breaking speed laws during their daily commute, a survey shows.

    Car insurer AAMI today released new statistics gleaned from its claims data, and a survey of 2400 people nationwide, as it accused motorists of ignoring the risks of speeding.

    The release of the data follows an Easter holiday period marred by three road deaths in Victoria, and police also caught a P-plate driver travelling at more than 80kph over the speed limit.

    "The weekend toll, and our research, suggests Victorians are failing to respect the laws and the value of human life, including their own," AAMI public affairs manager Geoff Hughes said today.

    "We have seen drivers of all ages, both on motorcycles and in cars, driving at ridiculous and excessive speeds."

    The AAMI research shows 64 per cent of Victorian motorists – the highest of all states surveyed – believe speeding fines are "mainly a revenue-raising exercise".

    Victoria also topped the nation in the rate of drivers who say they do not trust the accuracy of speed cameras, at 58 per cent.

    Meanwhile, 29 per cent of Victorian motorists also admit they will "sometimes speed to get to work or home sooner", according to the data.

    "Speed cameras and speeding fines clearly have an image problem on Victorian roads," Mr Hughes said.

    "But it is still no excuse for speeding and putting lives at risk."

    The research also found 17 per cent of Victorian motorists admit to speeding more on country roads, and 11 per cent often sped on local suburban roads and around schools.
  2. AAMI looking out for the community :jerk:

    "Speed cameras and speeding fines clearly have an image problem on Victorian roads," Mr Hughes said.

    noooooo shit, that survey was worth its weight in gold :roll:
  3. I get extremely annoyed when the discussion is framed in loaded terms before it even begins... I'm talking about their use of the term 'speeding'. To me, speeding means going dangerously fast, but it is not what they are talking about at all; they define speeding as going above posted speed limit, which is a different issue altogether.

    Drivers do not have problem with speeding - they have a problem with obeying the ridiculously low posted speed limits, often bearing absolutely no relation to the actual road conditions.
  4. Now I am not belittleing these deaths, but isnt this the lowest ever easter toll in Vic?
    Also wasn't the highest reading in the state over the easter weekend posted by a NSWelshman who got lost and strayed south of the boarder?

    In adition to this we look at the total tolls for the weekend by state
    And I have to start asking what real information is in this article.
  5. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for them to come out with that.

    [Edit - The Age is running an online poll: "Do speed cameras contribute to road safety?" It's running at 35% yes and 65% no.]