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[Melb] Drinks @ Flippers, Sat 3rd Sept (Tonight)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Flipper, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. After a great day of riding, a few of us are lighting the fire and having a few drinks at HQ tonight. We will prob order Pizza a bit later for eats and BYO drinks. Spare beds available for those not wishing to drink and ride/drive home, but they are becoming scarse.
    If you are not familiar of where HQ is, PM me for details or you can call the mobile on 0403 283 169 :)

  2. Hmmmm....only just home from work. I'll eat and shower and head over for a while. Haven't been to an HQ 'do' for a while 8)

    :D :D :D
  3. Have a few drinks for me, I am sitting in Brisbane on my lonesome. Been out to a cafe this evening, but its got a little chilly out there and I'm knackered!

    Have a good evening y'all.

  4. unfortunatly unable to make it...I take it your only able to go if invited personally...There for im not there!!!
  5. if it were invite only, it wouldnt be posted on a public forum. :roll:
  6. u dont know the whole situation p nut so pull ya head back in ok!!!!
  7. I Got A Invite :p

    but i am working :oops:
  8. Party was open for all, hence the invite in a public forum :)
    And its a Flip N Fling for all :D
  9. Methinks there will be some very sore heads tomorrow!!!! :p

    Thanks Deb!

    :D :D :D
  10. well im here and I only read the invite on the forum tonight. me and my mate douglas are just doing fine

    :LOL: :twisted: :LOL:

    Dont belive any of the photo's you see either ( yet again )


  11. Sorry all, I'm comfy snuggled up in bed with the laptop. Too cold outside the doona to go riding in the big bad world!

    Have a great time tho :D
  12. guess what..... I got lost on way home.....funny that !
    Left lil in Glen iris then couldnt figure out where the bollocks I was so went for a ride around and watched all the piss head girls staggering home......some nice girls all out with kinky police uniforms on which made the red light a blessing.

    Finally found my way home after getting onto the right road but the wrong direction.......all fun.
    Thanks for tonight flipper I had a laugh.
  13. Isn't it bike week in Brisbane?
  14. Glad you could finally make it Deen :p
  15. ](*,) ouch ](*,) ouch ](*,) ouch
  16. sorry couldn't make it. =[
  17. Was bike week up on the Gold Coast G and I didn't have much time to get there to have a looksee.

    There were a bucketload of harley riders, not too many other bikes that I saw around.

  18. Not wrong Lil. lol!!

    :D :D
  19. Tell me about it....I'm suffering from a rare hangover. I had a thumping headache while riding today :?
  20. Aha. My Qld geographic knowledge is pretty minimal. I have seen very little, apart from the airport, Q club and Cairns.
    Look forward to changing that at a future Ducati Turismo.