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[Melb] Double Sagittarian Bash....Sat 17 Dec

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Untame_me, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. PARTY PARTY PARTY - It's gonna be huge!

    You are invited to the Double Sagittarian Bash of Untame_me (Joycee) 30th and friend Boyler 32nd.

    Address: Venue's location will not be posted. Apologies. Please send me an sms even if you are only thinking of attending, or alternatively, come along or get the address off the people named below, if you are a netrider and the person named below thinks you're ok, it's ok.

    Time: starts at 7.30pm

    BYO: Alcomohol, (music, nibbles, outdoor bar provided)

    Theme: Come dress in Gangster (see latest message).

    G, Flip, Matt232, Lil, Foxy, Lids, Minna, Sobil, Mitch, Jase, Mouth, Knightrider, Boogie, Roamer, ApriliaGirl, roughcactus, tenoq, koma, chairman, zazen, realm, Flymo Rider, xxsteve, scootergal76, eswen, fingz, Marty H, Phanooogy, voyager and everybody that I've met or will meet, are welcome......I bound to have forgotten somebody, I apologise in advanced, if this is you, take you revenge on sat.

    My mobile: 0407joyce7 (0407 56923 7)

    I'll be exact 30 on that day.....I'm still going to have my own "Growing Up Celebration" with go-karting and laser shooting...in late Jan early Feb, stay tune....
  2. bash

    I know it's nearly Christmas....and me and you haven't finish Christmas shopping....

    And I've been a stranger (little excuse).....

    But I don't want to be alone when I turn 30....
    * ;-(

    If some of us get our ways, the venue will likely to have outdoor bar (rival Foxy's, but can't beat Foxy's glow in the dark handy work, but don't tell the builder that if you see him, and I didn't say that ;-)....Lots of room for bikes parking.

    Will post address soon, will send sms invite soon...just teething some details.

    So, are you guys coming?
  3. Gangster; now you're talking.

    Easy G. 8)
  4. Sorry Joyce, that night is already chockers for me.
  5. hmmmm a huge night to celebrate you turning a year older in style........ oh and lots of orange barcardi's i take it..hehehe, i have a funny feeling im booked up but i'm going to hold out a light for you just in case. And if you cant remember me i drove you to the bottle shop at foxy's do a loooonnnnnnnnggggggggggg time ago. :)
  6. Ohhh.....Damn Christmas!!

    Fingz, of course I remember you!!

    Yeah, this is off the cuff, last minute decision, I normally just go along with christmas.....if I wasn't turning 30...I wouldn't have normally bothered.

    But keep the go-karting and laser shooting in mind.

    G! See you....
  7. gangsta huh? or do you mean gangster as in mobster?
  8. Ah Joyce, welcome to the 30 plus club, it is so much fun. Unfortunately other plans for myself and Mrs Scumbag will stop us from helping you celebrate.
    Our thoughts are with you though and hope it is all you deserve.

  9. A few and allies confirmed.

    Hey, Matt and everyone, if you still up for it at after midnight, give me a ring, maybe the party's still on.

    Although the neighbour did complain, so we are going to sweet talk the neighbour...

    Or maybe the party will be at Northcote, but no bar...(girls cannot make up their mind, can they?)....still thinking, will advise once and for all soon.

    Hi S***bag, I'm getting old *boohoo* :cry:

    ApriliaGirl....xooxx to you
  10. Cool, I've got just the outfit for that....

    It's in my calendar, see you there :D :D
  11. Are you talking Gangster as Scarface, Al Capone, etc - "Joey, pick up the stiff. I can't be linked to a murder" - type Gangster.

    Or Gangsta as in "yo! word up" homie-type gangsta?

    be worth clarifying that...
  12. Could add this to the list... yay for quadruple-booked. :p See how we go ;)
  13. Ya, let's know which way you'd like to swing. 8)
  14. yeah i asked that before too. I might come dependant on what time people are/arent rocking up for geek night
  15. OH YEAH! Gangster Party HELL YEAH!!!... Old school :p

    I'm definatly gonna be there!!!

    Now all I need ot do is find a good old school Gagster outfit..... Now where does one find that sort of attire?!....
  16. Party

    Hi guys,

    Yes, scarface - "No, I'm not linked to drugs or murder" type gangsters.

    But I'd say don't typecast, homie-type gansgsters are also gangsters.

    I'm just gonna make my own interpretation, but guys, be warned, some of us already have shotguns (ok toy shotguns)...but you may be searched for weapon before you enter... ;-P

    I maybe bringing along Texas Hold 'em (up) Poker....if you don't know how to play, be prepared that I will win all your chips. ;P Read up on it if you don't wanna lose.

    Oh, I forgot: IMPORTANT, please consider volunteer to "own" the bar for 1 hour during the night, yeah, as in control behind the bar.
  17. Re: Party

    But, it's only a violin case. 8)
  18. Hey Joyce, I think this is the only night that Dave and I have free between now and Xmas so not too sure if we will make it :(
    If it's a nice night, we might go out for a ride and call past but won't have Gangster gear on, just the draggins and bike jackets, will that do if we can make it? :D
  19. heh Id go as a slappa hehe so much fun!!!
    ever seen last man standing??? bruce willis. Sex scene was so funny. But its ruined my life. Everytime I think about sex, i think about that scene.
    If youd seen the movie youd know what im talkin bout!!!
  20. Now that was a seriously sly bar. Dug the shot delivery. 8)
    Thanks for a great evening. 8)