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[Melb] Doonxaque @ Flippers (HQ)

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Flipper, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. At the request of Doonks......
    A BBQ at Flippers, PM for me the address if you haven't been to HQ.

    Date: Saturday 26th November
    Time: 7pm till late
    BYO: Meat, Grog and Munchies

    I will supply salads, a fire, music and beds for those who wish to drink.
    N.B 1st in best dressed when it comes to the beds.

    Doonks and Tam
    Knightrider (and Thelodger?)
    Phanoongy + 2
    Jason and Sarah (with Mini Mouth tucked away)
    Roughcactus and Cadbury
    Foxy and Kym
    Stookie and Lil

    Lots of maybes - could these people please get back to me so i know how many I need to cater for :)
  2. Noted in the diary :D
  3. Can I come too ?

    I might bring my guitar and make a real goose of myself !!! Anyone else wanna join me ?
  4. Is sharing beds allowed l :D
  5. You and Doonks? :LOL:
  6. yes snoter, we're both sharing beds, just not with each other.

    Are you going to come to the BBQ ?
  7. Hope the weather is gr8, we can sit on the roof around the fire with doonks playing the guitar and we can all sing 'Koombahya' :p
  8. will be in sydney :D
    have fun guys!
  9. Downloading music now .............
  10. Thats usually the 'norm' at HQ ;) :LOL:
  11. Sorry can't make it getting married that day, but I'll see if I can get out of it... hahaha (ssssuuuurrreeee only if I don't wanna live).
  12. Hopefully I aint on the futon. :shock:
  13. WTF is a snoter?
  14. fooey to you too.
  15. I could have my clarinet sent down from Sydney and join you in a musical extravaganza!
  16. Think of the wedding reception you COULD have! :LOL:
  17. can't you have a party at your place doonks.
  18. no, that's why it's called "HQ"
  19. Since when have you ever had to sleep on the futon? :p