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[Melb] Discussion on transport/commuting on 774 radio

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Gromit, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. Jon Faine's program is having a special edition this morning on Melbourne's transport system - public transport & the roads, and how to improve the current level of gridlock.

    No-one had mentioned motorcycles or scooters, so I sent them an SMS pointing out some of the advantages (which we're all aware of). If you're interested in saying something on the subject, you can call or SMS on 1300 222 774.

    Finally a talk-back caller got on, said he'd been commuting on a bike for 30 years, and that bikes weren't being mentioned as a solution.
    Faine's immediate question was "how many times have you been knocked off your bike?", to which the answer was "none, because I ride responsibly". And the caller pointed out that pushbike riders and pedestrians also get hit by cars...

    Mr Faine was apparently knocked off a bike once, and never got back on. Which might explain the failure to discuss bikes and scooters on his "transport blitz" special this morning. He didn't react to the caller with any enthusiasm.

    So - there's a debate happening on the radio right now, maybe some more calls & SMS messages would be a good thing?

    [Edit: The ABC's SMS software's just collapsed under the weight of messages, but I assume they're still taking calls.]

  2. The best solution I have is to sell all public assets and spend the money lacing this great state with autobahns.
  3. If you're listening to 774, you'd think the answer would be to build bike paths everywhere.

    They've had people "competing" to get into work using different methods of transport. So there were 2 people coming into the city from Clifton Hill - one on a pushbike, the other by car. Or from other suburbs using the train or the bus.

    Not surprisingly, the pushbike riders won hands down. But they didn't have anyone riding a scooter or motorcycle. I guess they're just too wacky and non-mainstream for regular people. :roll:
  4. I've been trying to get through on the landline with no luck :?

    I'll keep trying.

    :D :D :D
  5. Good to see they are tackling real commuting issues including people who live 5km from work, trying to shave 3 minutes off their 20 minute journey :LOL:
  6. I get the feeling they are being sponsored by the public transport users association et al....they don't want to hear about a motorised alternative, especially one that's fun and a wonderful space saving and congestion solution :evil: :?

    :D :D :D
  7. Not many people can get through aso why not flood them with SMS messages asking for a rerun of the "race" against a bike or scooter... :LOL:
  8. Their SMS system went down, apparently.

    To be fair, they had people coming into town from all over the place. Clifton Hill was just one of the 'burbs involved.
  9. I am really interested to hear the most disgruntled user though... 3 trains... a tram and 2 buses... 4 hours to get to work :LOL:
  10. See - it worked!
    :LOL: :LOL:
  11. This is what I fired off to the Herald-Sun and Age newspapers, as well as ABC Melbourne Radio..

    Hopefully it reflects how the whole issue was treated today and how bikes are regarded in general.

    BTW, didn't anyone see my posting yesterday on this very issue????

    During his road transport special on ABC radio today, it was disappointing to hear Jon Faine being so dismissive towards motorcycling as an alternative transport to cars, or indeed other forms of transport. Faine prides himself on balanced coverage of issues that affect us all. Apparently, this "balance" is somewhat selective.

    Motorcycles are environmentally friendly, they reduce congestion, they can be parked almost anywhere where there is a dead space, and (probably what biases people against them) they are fun to ride.

    It's a shame that this government doesn't want to take seriously the problem of urban congestion, pollution problems and making our roads and transport systems more efficient. Rather, it seems that the best way to tackle such issues is to merely tax them more (motorcycle TAC levy, city car park levies, speed cameras, parking fines and so on).

    I only wish that those who make the rules weren't so blatantly biased towards their own prefered methods of transport and to look at the wider picture with the view to giving us a decent transport system. But I suppose that while the powers-that-be have vested interest in doing whatever it is they do behind closed doors, this will never happen.