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Melb: Decent 10W40 oil for non-sodomy prices?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by grue, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. It shouldn't cost me a hundred dollars to change the goddamned oil, anyone have suggestions on places that won't rip me off?

  2. Ummm... your place???
  3. My place. 4 Litres of Castrol 4T. You know what to do.
  4. No no, I mean the oil itself :) I do the work myself but the oil has cost me about $60, and another $25 for the filter…
  5. Thats the going rate. :-s
  6. Go the Delo!!!

    Do a serch - quite a few posts about it
  7. Is it seriously? Man, I figured Peter Stevens was just taking me for a ride. I was in a hurry to get it last time and they were the only place open at that moment ](*,)
  8. This time of year its not going to make any difference to cold starting whether the base oil is 10w or 15w......plenty of very good quality diesel oils out there for $25-30 for 5L.

    Genuine Kwaka oil filters are less than $10 and work just as well as the hi-prices hi-flo aftermarkets the salesmen try to push on you....higher sticker price = more margin in $'s for the seller.

    I change both every 4500-5000kms unless there's been some laps in the the service interval, then I change more often / sooner. I tend to play it by feel...I know when the oil is getting a bit sad, the gearbox-gear change tells me..
  9. 4T is like $36, Motul/Belray etc $50+.

    I'm keen to try out the Delo 400, I think 20 litres is around $90... Wanna go halfsies?
  10. I just dumped 10W30 into my CBR without realizing it until it was too late (I thought Honda HP4 only came in W40, not W30), so now I"m scared my oil might be too thin. MIght be imagining shit but I think I'm hearing a bit of a buzzing noise I don't remember hearing before.

    ANyway that's why I'm kinda keen to drain it back out and put in the right stuff, unless it shouldn't actually matter?
  11. I certainly might!
  12. Pennoil? Seemed ok to me.
  13. first number is the base oil weight, second number is the "performance" weight ie when its hot & under load/stress....that said yes I would go for something more appropriate in the warmer weather ie 40 or 50W..

    Take it out and save it for something more appropriate...like the lawnmower...

    except all the best mowers are 2 stroke.......

    Handy little chart that explains it simpler and better than I can..

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  14. I bought 4 litres of BelRay 10w-40 at PS Elizabeth St for 29.95 on special today.

  15. I'm into oils as a former mechanic and also look for value... Try this: HI-TEC OILS an aus company that supply this premium oil to garages etc. I purchased 20l Semi Syn 10w40 for $95 delivered. Work that out per litre! The specs matched Shell Ultra!! Use it to change oil @ 4000km intervals for the last months. High revving 750 Suzi... One word MAGIC. Its API: sm/sl/sj/sh/cf/cd
  16. Not all the PS stores still have this on special. AMX have the same stuff BelRay Semi-synth for 39.95 also.