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Melb cruiser riders

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by clarkie, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Who is up for a cruiser ride only? 7/3/10 plenty of time to get or act together lol. was thinking of doing great ocean road to apollo bay and back home inland. Will set up meet place and time when we start to get numbers.

  2. Long weekend and Jindabyne
    and I can't usually do Sundays.:(
  3. I might come if thats OK (only learner)

  4. Excellent idea mate. I'm up for it. Will have my new tires well scrubbed in by then - any possible more bling :cool:

  5. No worries mate, Got 2 of my mates that are still on Ps comin. hope to see you there.

  6. Knew i could count on you.Think the rest of the boys are comin. We are all hangin to hear the sound of your new pipes lol, Check your emails i sent you some pics of my new ride
  7. looks like its going to be another big turn out. lol
  8. Hi Clarkie..
    Are you doing the Logan run this sunday with the MSR?
    If so ill see ya there =D>
  9. no worries see you there should be a good day.
  10. Clarkie, you should put this up as a ride. Maybe get more interest then.

    Anyway looking forward to it. Should have my Avons by then (better had in fact) and perhaps a little more bling :cool:
  11. Might be able to join the crowd too but I really won't know for sure till a day or two before hand. Keep us updated on the details and I hope the weather ends up being perfect!
  12. sorry but im going to have to call this ride off as i can't make it. If there is anyone that wants to take it over feel free. Sorry again