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Melb cruiser ride

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by clarkie, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. Gday all. Trying to put Melb cruiser ride only. I know this is wrong place to put it, but this is for cruisers only. Ride will be this Sunday 14/6/09 8am meet time and leave 830 am at McDonalds out bound on Western Ring Road.Then off to Melton,Gisborn,up to Macadon,Woodend,Trentham,Blackwood,Greenwood and finish at Baccus Marsh. Will be easy going ride with plenty of smoke breaks and coffee stop for those who dont smoke and lunch along way somewhere.

  2. mate, would love to join you but have the In-laws here for the next few weeks so think my riding pass is about to be taken away from me.

    Enjoyed the ride to Apollo bay on the weekend nearly as much as I enjoyed the hot shower when I got home

    have a great ride this weekend
  3. No worries Scott have fun with the inlaws over.Also hide the bike so your father inlaw cant ride it. See you on the next ride.
  4. Mate, not sure about this coming weekend, will just pop up along your route if I can. Enjoyed the ride along GOR even if terribly cold. Ride safe and enjoy!
  5. No worries Joe, will catch up soon :grin:
  6. Good idea Clarkie, would love to come but between work and family commitments at the moment not possible.
  7. Little V an I would come ( meeting place is like 5 mins from me :shock: )

    BUT my son plays football on Sundays , so we will miss out :cry:

    Have fun :)
  8. no worrie's. Will keep this ride up till saturday. If no takes might have to put the boat in the water and go for a fish :grin:
  9. Times have been changed a bit. Meet time will be 9Am and leaving at 930Am. If there is any takers on this ride. Ride is also leaner friendly. As won't be breaking any world records.
  10. Hey all ride is cancelled due to lack of interest. Will try again later in month.
  11. You gunna do the Woodend ride on the 27th ???
  12. not sure yet. Depends if im working or not
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.