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[Melb] Cricket 3rd Feb

Discussion in 'VIC' started by port80, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. Any cricket fans going this Friday, I'm trying to organise a day off work and a good night out. Anybody interested?

  2. common aussie common common, common aussie common :wink:
    who;s playing> im guessing AUSvSA?
  3. Ive been avoiding calls all day from work trying to get me on a shift friday night... am tempted to take it but at the same time it will be soooo good to relax
  4. Pfffrt work shmirk, what have they ever done for you? That's right.. nuttin.

    .. see ya there?
  5. yeah i might come if i can park me bike out the front of gate 6 :LOL:
  6. Dammit.
    I wanted to go to this match too but i have a 7:00 start at work on saturday, hopefully a final will be in melbourne and i can make it to that.
  7. um lol, i shoudl have mentioned the shift would be AT the telstra dome DURING the cricket.... in the lounge.
  8. :p wooohooo i can sense free drinks in that lounge :LOL:
  9. sorry but I dont work the bar :(

    I could maybe swing some free cokes for a tip :p
  10. Sooo, lets get this straight.. you get paid to go to the cricket? What's your bosses phone number? (finally a job I would not call in sick for)
  11. problem is i actually do have to work :p
  12. No finals in melb this year :( i got my tickets today for the friday match !! woohoo!
  13. And here I was thinking you wanted some work to make some $$$ :p
  14. we dont geto to watch the match unfortunatly. Last time I worked during cricket I got a customer who aparently complains every time he comes (but still comes back every week)
    he gave me a $tip ;)
  15. Was the tip,
    "if your going on a group ride don't go to Starbucks at Docklands, its not open yet."
    because we could have used that tip two Sundays ago.
  16. yeah sucks.... but hey I only led us where justin said to go!!
    the tip was cash ... my first ever :LOL:
  17. So is anybody keen?

    some more text goes here and stuff
  18. yeah im about as keen as mustard :LOL: was a boring game lastnight!!! gee those aussies are way too good :wink:
    glad i didnt pay all that money to go see a game that was so 1 sided.... shame on u south africa [-X
  19. I didn't end up getting to it :cry:
    But I did watch it, the Lee over was the highlight, or maybe the last five overs of the aussie innings.