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[Melb] *Crashed* 1994 VFR750, parts only. Now with pics.

Discussion in 'Archived' started by VFR750 IRYDE, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. 1 crashed VFR 750 for sale. :oops:

    The bad news: Bodywork and dash are cactus.
    Front suspension is bent.
    Rear swingarm is damaged at the bracket connecting it with the rear monoshock.
    Radiator slightly damaged.
    Fuel tank has pitting and scratches, but is still servicable.

    Besides that, this bike is in SHOWROOM condition... :grin: Ok, maybe not. :p However...

    The GOOD news: Front and rear tyre (Pilot sport 2's) are just 1000Km old. (Cost $480ish when new)
    Chain and Sprockets (standard gear ratio) are just 1000Km old. ($240ish new)
    Front brake pads 1000Km old ($80ish new)
    Engine, transmission, wheels and heaps of other 'sundry' parts are all good. (stock exhaust is good, but a bit scratched.)
    Frame *appears* to be ok, BUT HAS NOT BEEN TESTED FOR STRAIGHTNESS!!! which is why I list this bike as parts only, not as a possible re-build.

    This bike is a good oportunity for someone who owns and loves their VFR750 and plans to keep it going forever to pick up a complete mechanical duplicate to use as parts.


    (I ran off the road at an embankment and tumbled till this fence caught me and the bike. I regained conciousness tangled in the fence where my helmet is now sitting.)



    (You can see that the rear has collapsed, this is due to the bolt point for the rear monoshock snapping off the rear swingarm.)

    Cost: $1,100 ono. I am fairly firm, however I do need to sell it... How good are you at bargaining? Buyer to arrange transport.

    Bear in mind that there is about $700 remaining value in the consumables (tyres, chain/sprocket, brake pads) so I am asking for about $400 for the wreck itself.
  2. Fire up an account at a photo hosting site and link the images.
  3. Thanks Rob. Done.
  4. Wow, it does awesome stoppies.
  5. Reminds me of a particular MR ride once ey Loz!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.