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[Melb] Crash repairer needed.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Seany, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. Ok, so the Honda dealer in benalla says he can't get the parts I need in time to ride the bike home so it looks like I'll put it on a trailer and get the work done in Melbourne.

    Can anyone recomend a good repairer that can get my beloved back into mint condition for me? Preferably close to Eaglemont/Heidelburg area. I was thinking Redwing, but since I have a Kawasaki I wasn't sure if they'd want the job. [-o<

  2. Much depends on how you want to do this...
    Insurance or not?
    If not, is money no object (for the quickest fix)...or do you want to repair it the cheapest (properly, nonetheless) way possible, using 2.hand parts or getting parts repaired/ painted/ welded etc .
    Since you cost a lot more time though...
    You also might get a shock at parts-prices (since the tank is involved), which, together with the other damage, could make it an insurance write-off (tanks alone are usually $1200 upwards, new), on a purely economic base.
  3. You could try Gassit in Station St, Fairfield.. Morris is good and I know he like's working on Kawa's..

    Contact details can be found at www.gassit.com.au.
  4. Yeah, heard good things.
    Or a bit further away, Charlie at Turn One, Stubbs st Kensington. Does all kinds, not just Triumph.
  5. I could be wrong, but I think Seany said that it wasn't comprehensively insured
  6. for a very good price i'd try mike @ OCD racing (just had my bike serviced by him and it's running fantastic) or original finish (out near ringwood way i think , i'm not the best with maps so don't quote me on this)
  7. No, he's not insured according to a previous thread.

    But his Father is paying the bills as he was the one who stacked it..

    So he ends up $0 excess which is better deal than you get with a real insurance co.
  8. "Gee, Dad! Congratulations on your purchase of the Kawasaki. I might go and get one just like it!"
  9. He's doing good work again now?
  10. OCD for crash repair? Might as well go to the foxtel installer for a perm.

    Hell, go to Zoomantics for bike repairs, I guarantee that your bike will come back as good as new.

    huh? I hear you ask........

    Take it to a repairer if it needs repairing. Anyone else will take the bits to a repairer, get them fixed and slap on their "handling fee" to the price they get and pass it on to you.
  11. Mine's self explanitory.
  12. Vic's right. There's not many places have the facilities to actually do serious repair work that involves painting and panel skills.

    Not surprisingly, Harley dealers often have these facilities. (for customising :LOL: )

    I've heard good things about Zoomantics from other sources as well...
    There's a few people here that have used them and can recommend them.

  13. ....and you'll get a free coffee mug.
  14. And a Stubby Holder :)

    And some coasters for you bourbon drinkers :p
  15. Shouldn't that be bibs for the bourbon drinkers :p :p
  16. Ok I can do the work...
    I can orgonise and find the parts and if the tank is not to bad I can repair it and paint it... I preasume the ER5 is the stock green?? if so I have the paint.. just look at my VFR :D
  17. Will he get a free coffee mug?
  18. he can have a pick from my cupboard... there are currently 36 different mugs... 4 glasses (rest of them are in the garage)...
  19. For my money I do not think that you can go past OCD racing I get all my mechanical work done there and I also got my Thundercat repaired there after my off plus Mike is a really nice guy.

    I have always been more than happy with his work.

    He has a fellow on site who does fiberglassing and a good painter who is around the corner.

    If you want to contact him his number is 0408 491 668.