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[Melb] Court Sentencing for Melanie Edwards - Fri 19th, 10am

Discussion in 'VIC' started by jdkarmch, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. The Lording Family have been advised that the Judge in the Melanie Edwards case will hand down his sentence at 10 am, Friday 19th August.

    The Lordings have indicated that they would be very happy to see a large turnout of motorcycles at the County Court of Victoria on Friday morning.

    Those riders who can make it should assemble outside the County Court, cnr of William St and Lonsdale Street from 9am.

    The purpose of having a "show of bikes and riders" outside the County Court will be for the purpose of sending a loud message to the community that if anyone drinks, drives and kills - then they will end up serving a long time in jail. If they kill a motorcycle rider - then they will suffer the additional attention from the Motorcycle Community.

    A good show of bikes will result in better attention by the media - for what is a very important message that should come out as a result of the sentence handed down. Our message is simple - "We don't ever want to see a repeat of this incident."

    If you can't make it on Friday - PLEASE pass this information to other riders.
  2. Re: Sentencing Date Melanie Edwards - 19/8/05

    10 am hearing, Friday 19th August...meet County Court, cnr of William St and Lonsdale Street from 9am.

    Be there to show support for the victim's family, and to hopefully bring media attention to the case.
  3. Re: Sentencing Date Melanie Edwards - 19/8/05

    And that "additional attention" will be what???
    Are we prepared to have the car driving community giving US additional attention?

    Hey, I think we should stand up and be noticed, but, if they don't, what "additional attention" can we give?

    Sorry, but in my mind that smacks of vigliantiism and is surely going to be counterproductive to our very noble cause.

    A healthy dose of paranoia helps keep us alive, but inflammatory statements like that will do us no good at all.

    *stands back and waits to be flamed*
  4. Re: [Melb] Court Sentencing for Melanie Edwards - Fri 19th,

  5. So we show up en-mass and attempt to show Joe public we are the more worthy than they because when one of us dies in an accident....sorry lost the reason here.
    I am sure the Judge will take pitty on the girl when a group of hard done by Motorcycle riders lines the entrance to his work place and frightens the defendant and her family with their presents.....oh hang on the family didn't drive the car,drink the wine,kill the man.....but we will show them we can't be messed with.............
    Be careful how you appear when you are at the Courthouse.....the Judge has eyes and ears too.

    Flame proof suit on..........ice pack at the ready....fire away
  6. no need to re-debate it all over again

    Be there or dont be there its too simple .
  7. Sorry Glen didn't mean to put you off by posting my opinion!
  8. I would agree with that part at least...
  9. You know what I thought when I saw all those scruffy unionists outside of Court when the leader of the CFMEU (I think it's that one) got off of a corruption/ being a bad unioinist charge?

    "What a bunch of loutish jerks, just trying to intimidate anyone who doesn't agree with them, effing unionists!"

    Let's not get that reactions from others. No matter how good your intentions you need to be aware of perceptions and appearances. No amount of "but were just......etc" changes that.
  10. Whatever our passion about this or other issues, THIS says it all. The old Book says "Let not your good be evil spoken of..." Maybe even supporting this suffering family might harm the overall cause.
  11. That's exactly what I want people to think - I want them to associate the thought of drinking/driving/killing with a vision of a large group of angry bikers outside the County Court. Get them talking about it. Get them talking about the fact that you now go to jail for doing this type of thing - culpable driving.

    What's wrong with that? She may get up to 20 years for this. The Lordings have already been told by the Justice Dept that the sentence will be appealed if it isn't seen to be adequate. The body langauge that the judge was showing in court last Friday gave me the impression that he was going treat this one very seriously - simply because the 20 year penalty was available to him.

    If I was involved in a similar accident and died as a result - I would be upset to think that our community (motorcycle that is) would shy away from making a song and dance about it......

    But - then I guess some of you are too scared to stand up and be counted.

    I stand back for Flames heading my way....
  12. No flames here, this is a forum, not compulsory. We ought to be able to hold strong views on any subject without being flamed for holding those views. By all means let us argue ABOUT THE VIEWS, but if some folks want to go to that or any other court, it's their right and privilege to go, as it is the right and privilege of others NOT to go. But let us not have emotional and moral pressure in this matter, please.
  13. I'm sure given the posts around here, no-one is planning to riot, shout, harass defendants, prance around with flags shouting "MRA here to stay" or "touch one touch all". It will just be a gathering of bikes in solidarity for a fallen mate, not hostile or loutish... I hope.

    btw no burnouts/monos/stoppies please :LOL:
  14. jeez what a party-pooper!!!
  15. And that's just one reason why I won't be standing next to you.
    The miniscule amount of good that might possibly be done will be overshadowed if just you and one other who thinks like you go there with that opinion.

    There's a useful image..... You orta be in advertising....

    No, they;ll be too busy cackling on about those scruffy bikers.....
    If you have to ask.....
    Good to hear... Not, I note because it was a motorcyclist....

    ... if there was something to make a song and dance about. But there isn't. If it were me I'd hate to think that my demise was the impetus for people to start tilting at windmills.

    That's pathetic. Another good reason why I'd rather not be seen standing with you.
    Naaah. It may be tempting, but the issue's too important for a flame war
  16. To paraphrase: "I want to be seen as a jerk and expect people to talk and note how together we are as a group, that will gain us much support"

    Nope. Stupid view, but it's yours so enjoy. Scared? nope, but again, you feel that way then goody for you.

    I don't go out of my way to make hollow shows of force/togetherness/hand holding when I've got things I have to do, like go to work. I support and sympathise with the family but I don't intend on showing up. My choice my business....hmmm must be scared...pffft, nope.
  17. Hear hear jake :applause: :applause: I have to work on Friday. It helps pay my taxes. Scared? No. Inconvenient timing? Yep. Don't like unionists either.
  18. I see lots of opinions of:
    1. what it will look like out the front of the court house.
    2. what the public will percieve it as.
    3. scruffy looking riders
    4. and how the judge will interpret a presance
    5. how it will effect the case.

    and you know what , all these opinions mean NOTHING .

    WHY DO THEY MEAN NOTHING (not shouting )
    because none of the respective opinions have been to the court house on any of the trail days , they have not seen how the riders acted , what they were wearing , who and whom was or wasnt there , and how they were percieved by the lordings or the the Edwards .

    you sit behind a keyboard and pass your judgements on what will be or what will happen and none of you have actually been there to see what has happened , or how the motorcycling community has portrayed itself while it was there.

    I personal think that until you have been there and sen what you are talking about face on then dont critisize.

    if you choose to go to be part of a presance great , if you choose to go to support the family, great , if you cant because of work or other commitments , well then you have to do what is nessecary .
    but dont pass judgement on others when you havent got any idea of what has taken place at the court house because looking from your keyboard does not give you any insight on it..
  19. Blah, blah, blah. Yup, haven't been there, have no idea, couldn't possibly understand how it would be perceived, your all a bunch of so and so's. Zzzzz, next fanatic please.
  20. I might have an opinion on the topic mouth , but my opinion or observation is based on actually being there and seeing for my own eyes, not once but on a few occassions.

    your reply sums up exactly the example of what is a keyboard know-it-all.