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[Melb] Course recommendations?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Zdster, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Looking for a course for a new rider. I have been on a bike a couple of times, can take off, accelerate/brake and shift, but need some more practice and solid training. I am by a long shot still very new to all of this.

    Can anyone suggest a good company and course to push me in the right direction? I have read a number of threads but all of them seem to discuss 'advanced' rider training. Any assistance and practical experiences would be great.
  2. Do you have your L's or P's yet ?

    Discuss your needs with your L/P course provider, see if they offer courses. I'd be ringing HART or Rider Bros.
  3. Sorry, no - dont have a licence yet (only a car one :)).
  4. then just go and book in for a 2 day learners course and take it from there :)
  5. There is a really good place in Uluru. Let me know if you want the address
  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Will have a ring around.

    I did say Melbourne in the thread title ;). I think Uluru might be a little far away :).
  7. OWNED by the new guy! :rofl: :facepalm: :p
  8. noice mate!! :LOL:
  9. Well I ended up booking in at Motorcycle Motion for there 3x4 hour learners course (as they are fairly close to me and seem to have pretty good reviews). I was looking for more of a basic learn to ride/practice course (as apposed to get your licence straight away), but the lady on the phone recommended a course that she said would get me comfortable enough to be out on the road (plus I figure I will do this course, get my licence and then do an advanced riders course).

    The lady I spoke to suggested that I do the very basic course as well as the theory/practical (for the learners) just to make sure that I am comfortable and pick up the right techniques.

    Look forward to updating you on my progress and informing you of my thoughts on the course.