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[Melb] Corpse Bride Movie- Sunday 20 Nov

Discussion in 'VIC' started by es, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. Anyone interested in seeing Corpse Bride [PG] @ The Jam Factory on Sunday night?
    Session starts @ 6.00pm. This leaves time enough once Corpse finishes to have something to eat or whatever before going to see The 40 Year-old Virgin with Lids . It is also an early enough finish for anyone who wants to bring kids. (movie length 74 miniutes)

  2. I'll most likely be seeing the 40 year old virgin later.

    But if no one else wants to see it I'll come with ya and spend the 74 minutes around the corner at my cousins place while yo go see it :p
  3. If no one else wants to go see it, Ill call one of my friends and see it with them, or watch it with my aunt in syd. :p
  4. guess ill be seeing it with my aunt then huh
  5. Who's the 47 year old virgin with Lids? Is she a member of the forum? What bike does she ride? And how has she survived this long?

    {just curious :D}
  6. you think you have "friends" ????

  7. I do actually. Ill take the condom bunny.