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[Melb] Cops to enforce laws at their discretion all day Tuesday.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by grue, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. Police patrol CBD on bikes

    Tuesday, 07 September 2010 10:45
    Melbourne police will target cyclist, pedestrian and driver behaviours linked to accidents in a bid to reduce serious injury collisions today.

    Officers will be out on bikes, foot patrols and vehicles to ensure cyclists and drivers are riding and driving safely around the CBD, Southbank, Carlton and North Melbourne.

    Police will also target motorcyclists in bike lanes, passenger drop offs and illegal parking.

    Acting Senior Sergeant Robert Zussa from Melbourne West Police Station said no excuses will be tolerated if riders are found without a helmet, bicycle lights or breaking the road rules.

    "The main focus of the operation is to target offences committed by cyclists but also to crack down on drivers compromising their safety.

    "It's not just about bikes.

    "We will be watching cars and motorbikes and their use of bike lanes.

    "Bike riding is being encouraged in Melbourne, particularly the CBD and police want to reduce the amount of road trauma involving cyclists," A/Sen Sgt Zussa said.

    The four day operation will be held today, tomorrow and again later this month.

    During the three month period from April to June this year the North West Melbourne Region recorded 72 cycling accidents, including 10 serious injury collisions.

    Sharna Roberts
    Media Officer

  2. Er, ... sarcasm?
    Just askin' like...
  3. Yea and what about the motorcyclists - they are being discouraged. Both reduce congestion, both reduce pollution, etc so why bikes only considered, ****ing idiots.
  4. Well currently motorcycles and cars are not allowed in bike lanes so what is wrong with what the floggers are doing?
  5. Can confirm while on a walk at lunch they are out on foot booking jay walkers around Swanston. Looks to be more a visual tho, a jogger ran straight through a red man and neither PC even battered an eye lid.. waiting for the pushies maybe?
  6. There were five of them on bikes riding down stairs and getting in the way this morning and yesterday afternoon.
  7. Last summer I had the pleasure of seeing one get his front wheel caught in a tram track and taking a dive. I made no attempt to control my lulz.
  8. Saw a bike cop pull over a scooter rider about 8am today on Bourke St (between King and William). Think she had been in the bicycle lane.
  9. If this is how Victoria Police wastes taxpayer money then they clearly have far too many resources.

    Maybe its time to reduce their excessive numbers.
  10. Obey the laws of the land and you wont have a problem riding around the CBD.
  11. Why is it a waste of resources for the cops to uphold laws that attempt to prevent idiots walking out into the path of YOUR motorcycle? That's been a problem in the CBD since every secnd person's glued to their phone or ipod.

    If that caused you to crash your bike I'm sure we'd see a series of foot stamping threads about jaywalkers and the cops' inability to control them.

    As has been said, ride properly and you won't have a problem.
  12. Ha!! Good luck enforcing j-walking in sydney, eddy ave et al.
  13. Man, you thought motorcycling attracted people's ire, try cycling. Cyclists are the most hated group on the roads, they really don't need motored vehicles to contend with in their lanes.

    (i do both)