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Melb - cops on ktms

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by I Adore Vic, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Hey all. Dropping kids at school this morning saw 5 orange ktms and what I think was a white DR650 turn onto Ballarat rd Footscray heading away from the city. A couple of the ktms have a small police sticker on the side but couldn't see if the others did. They don't look a thing like cops - looked like a bunch of guys heading out for ride - and I wouldn't have known any different if my daughter didn't say 'Oh, it's the police'.

    oh yeah, they're not shiny new looking bikes either - these ones look like they've been used in the dirt/bush and stuff.

    Dunno what they're doing or if they're doing anything at all, but thought I'd let you all know anyway ;)

  2. They've been using those bikes to patrol the scrubland around the Melbourne fringes for a while now.
  3. i saw 12 of them in northcote the other day on the road?!?!?!

    but i met 2 of them up at talarook a few weekends ago, they regularly patroll the bush.

    there is a big operation going on over the long weekend.

    if your riding make sure you have a licence and reg
  4. they reported they are going to police the state forests heavily this weekend, maybe it was an advance party heading somewhere. Can't see them doing it on the BMW's. Although they should buy a heap of old Suzuki vitara's(2stroke) or Daihatsu Feroza(?)'s. Those itty bitty things can go anywhere. Be cheaper than a ktm.
  5. they dont buy them... suzuki just gave them a whole bunch of drz400e's ... allot of riders might reckon they have a chance against them :p

    they are generally decent riders who have ridden all their lives though.

    the two that stopped me had nice shiny 07 ktm 300exc's ... they didnt want to swap for my 2001 :roll:
  6. I followed one of those guys a while back from the end of the Monash, through the tunnnel and over the Westgate. Dude was very clearly marked up as a cop, blue marked gear and stickers etc...

    He was lane splitting like a demon, I had to work it to keep up with him! I got the impression it was the end of a long day for him and he's had enough of the traffic and just didn't give a shit! :LOL:
  7. deyago i hope you made siren noises with your mouth and pulled him over for a citizens arrest because of his lane splitting :LOL:
  8. unless he was overtaking on the right of vehicles in the same lane
  9. I saw them around Footscray too, they came in riding along the disused train line that runs alongside the Maribyrnong River (at the front of Lonely Planet).
  10. You see them around the eastern suburbs (knox area) a fair bit. They are always checking out the reserves and bike tracks. I assume for kids on monkey bikes.
  11. they gas thru the floodways around werribee too.
  12. I looked upon the whole situation as my own private police escort. I wasn't going to stop until he did. :grin:
  13. Yep, I've seen 'em too
  14. saw this one the day before black saturday in the forcourt of Boxhill hospital, 525EXC nice ride!

  15. Near my house in Bayswater North theres a bike track that always have cops on their orange KTM's riding up and down, cos lots of kids ride their dirt bikes on the bike/walking track