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[Melb] Cops on eastern fwy now.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by awseome, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. Riding to work this morning, i saw a rider pulled over, i did see him split but just once. it was apparent the cops were watching him coz as soon as he split, off they went after him. and this was at 9.30 am easy traffic no rush. Pretty clear who and what they are watching for..

    Hope he got away with it.

  2. Eastern what? What state is your couch in?
  3. Thanks for the heads up. Was this near the end of the eastern, before alexander prd? It is a shame, because lane splitting really makes sense on the eastern, there is a lot of room between the lanes, and far fewer trucks than some of the other freeways.

    Do you think they would book you in peak hour traffic, if the trafic was stationry?
  4. This is becoming just plain weird. This morning I split up Alexandra Parade outbound to sit next to a cop car (yes, I don't usually do that, but I was committed to my line of action by the time I saw him), he looks briefly over, give me a little thumbs up (!) and moves off from the lights and onto the freeway...

    ... where he or his mates are booking people for doing what I just did. WTF?

    It's clear that someone is telling them to put a stop to it on freeways. And maybe a couple of arterials like Nepean Hwy. And Chapel st.

    But otherwise they (mostly) couldn't care less. I suspect the campaign does not have widespread support within the force...
  5. Oooops! Vic for state and eastern for the freeway. :)

  6. yup you are right just around the end of the freeway near alexandra parade.
    it sorta sucks coz they were difinately looking out for him or me to make one mistake and he did it first.
  7. Am i right in thinking they where waiting by the side of the road and looking back you to see what you where doing, then they pulled you over when you went passed? I'm just interested I would like to know how they catch people for lane splitting.

    Thats how I got done at the start of Alexandra prd for using the pushbike lane (yes it is bad). I asked the copper who got me if he would have done me for splitting it seemed like he probably wouldn't have.
  8. yup thats exactly what they were doing..
  9. Cops (bikes (often two) and other times car) are now also waiting on the outbound upward side of the westgate bridge, just on the service road driveway... Don't approach the bridge >80km/h...
  10. Gives you a warm fuzzy feeling knowing our Police force is out there doing what they can to 'raise revenue' :facepalm: I mean 'keep us safe'
  11. hey guys.

    i reckon it depends on the cop really.. sometimes i split and come up right next to them and they dont care. i was actuallly doing it on the citylink riding in the service lane in heavy peak hour traffic and the cop was actually following me (in his unmarked car) .

    another time in morning peak hour on racecourse rd i was splitting and this aggro female cop was chasing after me on the tram tracks (i wasn't on the tram tracks) luckily i dissappeared quickly enough.

    and another time i was pulled over for no apparent reason. "just a random check".

    and another time i was pulled over in a group ride for running lights.. but the officer pulled out a ciggi and was chatting to me and my mate then let us off.

    eastern is filled with camping cops behind bridge pillars.

    does anyone know if there are rear-facing speed cameras on the citylink e-tag detector things??
  12. not that I am aware off, as i routinely slip through there over the marked limit a tad. I might also point out so do taxis. I would also assume that in time they will get added to them.
  13. From what I can understand after some conversations with cops - if you split through moving traffic on a freeway then they will book you. If it's stopped or slow moving and you filter carefully then there's usually no problem.

    There's always the exception though. :evil:

    Bicycle lanes - depends on your speed and the cop. Ride in emergency lanes on thefreeway then you are dead meat.

    For what it's worth, I have it with 100% certainty bike cops have had explicit instructions recently to target driver behaviour that might be dangerous to motorcycles.
  14. Sounds good ... maybe there's a little hope for the "top of the ladder" after all?! Someone seems to be paying attention ...

    As for splitting ... I agree that it probably depends on the individual cop AND how we split. Made the decision to split past a cop car the other day, as it meant the difference of waiting 3 light changes as opposed to one. Reeeeally behaved while doing it and he left me alone ... cool :)
  15. I find it helps to have a blue ribbon on the bike. Best $10 I ever spent.
  16. Ok. That sort of adds up, and it's a nudge in the right direction for once. I can live with that (at least when they're in view... :wink:)

    As there ever was.

    It's easy enough to pick which bike lanes are going to get that kind of attention - clearly responding to the poor dears' having a sook. Emergency lanes - go for it, Mr Plod.
  17. Best Pauline Hanson voice "Please Explain"
  18. aaaww you suckhole :p
    how about a 'cops are tops' sticker on the rear mudguard :dance:
  19. I ride on the Monash a few times a week and some of the riders that split are absolute tossers, 80-90km/h between trucks, no indicator etc, etc. Then other toss bags that split at low speed go from one lane to another without looking back to see if there are any bikes splitting down the lane they are going in to. Faaarkin toss bags, deserve to be booked.

    end rant.
  20. hey 'Thera'.. are you on L plates? riding black/red hyo in the mornings??.