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[MELB] Contact details for that pitch black restaurant?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Azz, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm looking to book at that restaurant in St Kilda (think it's in St Kilda) where you eat in pitch black... need to book it for tomorrow night but I can't find it anywhere

    I googled it and found it discussed in other forums, one called it the Dark Side, another called it The Black Abyss and there was also a write up about one called Black Out...

    I just called the number I found for Black Out but that one has closed...

    Does anybody know of this restaurant, and if yes do you know the name/number for it??

    Got my fingers crossed...

  2. "Black Out"


    But Hmmm, sight is like 1/3rd of the senses you use for 'tasting' food. I'd go somewhere where you get the full experience of eating if you eat out but up to you, your loss, literally :LOL:

    *edit* Unless it's closed due to being unpopular cause, well, for above reason mentioned.
  3. Thanks anyway dude, that's the article I found and it's from Feb 2004... I've already called Black Out, said that in my original post and yep they have closed due to whatever reason?! Couldn't find anything newer than 2004 on the net...

    My girlfriend has a cousin down from QLD and we wanted to go out for dinner, my suggestion was the pitch black restaurant in St Kilda coz I heard the food was pretty good and only about $20ish for a main meal and the experience was worth it...

    If anyone has any idea if there is still such a restaurant and possibly name/contact details please let me know??

  4. There was a place on St Kilda Rd, it was:

    The Dark Side
    604 St Kilda Rd

    A google and yahell! of this brings up no details, the website is no longer registered so I'm guessing they shutdown. I'd ride past and see if there is any semblence of a restaurant/coffee shop and pop in.....otherwise you'll have to head up to Sydney :p
  5. Thats not quite true, you use sight to visualise and relate the food, it doesn't give you a concept of taste unless you've had something similar before, a picture in a magazine wont get your mouth watering unless you can relate it to something you've already had.

    The other sences used; taste and smell (smell being one of the bigger as well, as things would almost taste cardboardish without it, my dad was born with no sence of smell, but i know he does taste good and bad things so that myth isn't completely true), and touch, if you play with your food :LOL:

    So you get the texture of the food, hard, soft, slimy, chewy and basic ideas of taste, sweet, salty, spicey, etc from your tounge (thus taste), and smell gives you the intricate details :)

    Azz: dunno the place, but if you find/found it then let me know the detailks, as i've been meaning to go, but now got a reason to try it ;)
  6. Just decided to have dinner at Bar Roys with the Saturday night coffee crew, and a good night as always!!

    Will go past where it used to be on St Kilda Rd during the week and will post up if it is/isn't there anymore??

    Thanks anyway guys...

    Azz :cool:
  7. I have heard of that restaurant but think i heard a while back that it closed. Another great place in St Kilda is Zenith bar and restaurant in Ackland street, Theyalways have a great deal on a porterhouse steak meal, but the best thing there is the Paella, which is a spanish rice dish with chicken seafood, including huge prawns and morton bay bugs. 2 of us couldnt get close to eating it all, but 3 would have a great feed from it.
    Just something to keep in mind if your down that way :)
  8. I heard it closed about 18 months - 2 years ago
  9. That would sound about right... looked long and hard to find details of the restaurant but came back with nothing... came across a lot of forum chat from 2k4 but nothing after that...
  10. Thanks for the heads up, might check that out soon coz my mouth's watering already =P~