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[Melb] city etiquette

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by enigma--, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. searched for this but didnt find anything relevant.

    ive never ridden into the city, and whenever im in there, i next actually see the bikers who park on the paths get up n down.

    what is the general way of doing this? do you ride up one of the corners at lights or what?
    and to get back down i assume the drop from the curb could hit the bottom of the bike?

    ive only parked on paths near mates places (aka, nowhere very busy) and just used driveways... but yeh, help would be nice as i want to ride in :D

    cheers :) hope it made sense
  2. Some people mount the curb, some go up the ramp at the lights. If you mount/dismount the curb just do it slowly and you should be fine.

    If you go up a ramp at the lights and need to travel some distance on the footpath, make sure you dont go much over walking speed, or better yet get off and walk the bike to avoid bowling over pedestrians. I think technically walking the bike is the only legal way, we are not allowed to 'ride' on the footpath.
  3. Nearest corner or drive way usually... or with enough clear space, ride up over the gutter.

    The other day, where I had to be and the nearest corner were a looong way away, so I got onto the path at the corner, and pushed the bike the rest of the way.
  4. good question!

    i havent had the chance too do this yet (then again im still too chicken to lane split at the traffic lights too hehe, whenever I get the courage up the lights go green!)
  5. I did Aussie Post's HART course in Brissy a couple of weeks ago.

    The instructor said that the only time a motorcycle/scooter is legally permitted to ride on the footpath is when it is either an Australia Post vehicle, or if it is delivering Australia Post mail.
  6. hmm thanks. i will walk em along the paths (simply for the fact people can do something stupid :D )

    for mounting the curb... do you do it front on and off? i assume slow n steady is the best way of figuring out if you'll hit it?

    cheers, again
  7. my bike is red.. I have an orange backpack and its a honda.. am i allowed to ride on the footpaths? :p
  8. i fnid, if you approach it square on, and approach at a slow speed and then slip the cutch a little and apply power just as your abut to touch is the easiest method. Once the fronts up the back goes up easy. Getting, take it easy and you should be okay, make sure the gutter isn't too high though ...
  9. Really? Well perhaps take the time to read instead of wasting others time with posts that have already been answered. :idea: What's the point of having stickies and having a search function if it's not going to be used. As you can see by rereading THIS thread all sorts of bullshit info is passed onto n00bs by threads like this one.

    That's why the attitude champ.
  10. Yes really.

    You can point these things out without acting like a total twat about it.

    Some people dont always think about using the search function.
  11. I know, some people have no common sense. If they take the time to get to know how the site works first all would be sweet. :roll:
  12. cs wrote:
    I say, I don't think the attitude is necessary :LOL:
  13. Yes it is because this is a recurring theme, if people took care to acquaint themselves to the forums lots of oft repeated questions would not be asked.
  14. No, really, it’s not :)

    I’m just one individual forum-user; I don’t represent the last twenty that have posted threads asking for a suitable LAMS bike, and as such, I don’t think it's necessary to vent on me based on what other people have done.

    I was simply responding to another NR’s comment, and as it had come from a reputable source, I felt no need to crawl across the forums reading all the stickies before replying.

    I'll certainly try to be more careful in future, though.
  15. :p hehehe
  16. I never mount kerbs or drive off them.
    I just find a driveway and once I'm on the foot path go at walking speed to were i intend to park.
    I always try to pick spots with the least people on the footpath to make it easier, some people no matter how courteous you are will take offense to you on your bike on the footpath, these people are pricks and you should just try to avoid them.

    Avoid going up walkways on corners if you can, just way to many people.
  17. yes it is actually as it happens all the time

    Yes you do actually because some of the stickies have rules about what to post, this lack of care gets your posts deleted
    Please do or we'll set kishy onto you. :p
  18. n00b,

    Who's copped all the heat??

    Next time, it'll be better to keep the mouth shut instead of taking it upon
    yourself to respond to Dougz.

    It's OP who needlessly created the thread. Not you! [​IMG]

    & FYI, Dougz has been here long enough to know what he's talking about.
    Once you have, you will know where he & other longer term regulars are
    coming from as well.

    Best regards from your only mate here [​IMG]

    You sounding like me now Dougz [​IMG]

    You trying to get me booted again or what Smee [​IMG]


    Compared to yesteryear, I been quiet for the last 10mths so I'll be damned
    if I let some illiterate, deaf or excited newcomer be the cause for me getting
    booted once again [​IMG]

    This is the longest stretch I've had so far [​IMG]