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[Melb] Chilli Cook-Off Saturday 4th June

Discussion in 'VIC' started by deyago, May 18, 2005.

  1. Hi All,

    That's right sports fan, the inaugural Chilli Cook-Off is on!

    Where: Casa Del Jake, Footscray (pm me for the address)

    When: Saturday 4th June early afternoon til later. Thinking of a 3pm start to things. If you come a bit later it wont be a problem.

    What?: Aren't paying attention are you? CHILLI COOK-OFF! Although we're aiming for a Texan-style event (meat, chilli, meat, beans{ Yes Steve, you can skip the beans}, some non-meat filler, chilli and meat) the actual recipes are open to your own interpretation, just keep it within the spirit of the event.

    The judging will take into account both flavour and heat, we're not going for something so hot no one can eat it. The dish must be able to be really enjoyed to score highly. Bribery is highly encouraged, beer is a good bribe. :D

    Going from the other thread here is a current list of attendees,

    Deyago, Chilli and Judge
    Mel, Chilli
    Dimi, Mel's mate and Chilli coach.
    Voyager, multiple Chillis plus there are rumours of buffalo wings =P~
    Raffiki, Judge
    Koma & Mrs Koma, Chilli
    Sir Skuffy, USA Kick Ass Chilli
    Mr & Mrs Scumbag. Thai Chilli chicken salad (larp gai), mmmmm!
    Flymo rider, chilli Vodka (now we're getting serious!)
    Mr Okimura, fear the lens. Derek is a bastard with his camera as I know.
    Boogieman, self-proclaimed Chilli Pussy, will get the beer for the Men. :p
    Jarrah, if she can find where I live.
    Katrina, chilli or some mystery morsel.
    Terry, mate of mine, total Chilli pussy. Sweats when you talk about it.

    Craig and Michelle (friends of Mel. He's a doctor should we need it :) )
    Mel's house painter. Better like Chilli!
    Assorted Greek women, possibly with Chilli.
    Jason (mouth) and Sarah. C'mon Jason, don't be such a pussy! Please don't delete this thread Mr Admin Sir, just joking!.....pussy :p
    Scott and Craig, two brothers who love chilli. Mates from Tassie, they don't share the same body.

    All are welcome. I think we have the Chilli covered but if you want to bring one please do, non Chilli foods are also appriecated .If you feel like getting pay back on one of the judges here is your chance (but the cooks have to eat their own cooking too, I'm not *that* stupid :wink: ). If any one wants to bring a salad or something, that's cool too but dont tell Rafiki.

    This will be a relaxed event, come and enjoy a beer and a feed and share your chilli-eating war stories with like-minded masocists. There will be ample off street bike parking for bikes. Cars can brave the wild streets of footscray where out of control bands of pensioners roam unchecked.

    **Warning** Feeding my Dog chilli will result in him visiting your place for a week, and for the record he's 46 kilos and craps like an elephant. :twisted:
  2. Count me in!!!!

    OK, I think we need to get together and we all assist in creating a 5 dish Netrider feast..

    What do you think?
  3. yeah mate, i'm in. provided i can convince the taxi that it would be amusing to watch or even participate in a chilli cookoff :D

    i'll get cracking this weekend on coming up with a recipe or two thats worthy of an event like this......
  4. When ready, I will send you my receipe. Kick ass and direct from the good ole US of A
  5. Well if its a Saturday showdown then im gonna have to start cooking on Friday morning ;) Alot of preparation goes into making a killer chili, and it must have time to develop its flavour fully. ;)

    I'll be along with the missus most likely, and she can take funny photo's of everyone's mouth's on fire. Sounds like it'll be a fantastic afternoon.
  6. I will be giving mine about 3 days to settle..... A few incredients from backhome are used to give it the final drive home.....

    Yeah Baby
  7. I'm always hesitant about leaving it more than my usual day and a half for food hygeine reasons. :p Maturing is one thing, growing a life form is another; but with the amount of spice i put in... im sure even bacteria won't survive.
  8. Seriously, you can store good chilli for about 1 week. Obviously, well refrigerated at 2degrees and it will hold very well.

    Cured and salted meats are actually traditionally the best and that also provides the necessary staying power. Best of all, you dont use completely ground beef as it does not allow the "blend" to soak in correctly... I pull apart the beef instead
  9. Aha! Skuffy's letting his secrets slip. ;)
    Nah, i've got my tried and true method for my Chili, as im sure everyone else does.
  10. Hey Koma,

    YOu know what the best part about Chilli is, they are all great.....

    Rock on brother
  11. Count me in as a judge, I don't like your toilet enough to be sitting on it all night Jake :p
  12. Surely part of the criteria to be classed as a judge would involve consuming large quantities of each dish?
  13. Jake, won't be able to make it unfortunately but try this recipe for the judges to taste.

    i) Dry fry on a medium heat (that is put them into a fry pan with no oil to allow aroma to be released)the following: 2 tespoons of mustard seeds, 2 teaspoons of dry chilli flakes, 1/2 teaspoon coriander seeds, 1/2 teaspoon of coriander powder.
    The mustard seeds will start to pop and jump about in the pan. When the popping stops add 2 to three tablespoons of olive oil.
    ii) Add 1 large brown onion finely chopped and fry until soft and translucent (about 5 minutes)
    iii) Add 2 cloves garlic and 3 small red chillis (including seeds) finely chopped. (Fry for about five minutes don't allow garlic to catch and burn
    iv) Add minced beef (500g). Fry until all brown (about 5 minutes)
    v) Add 1 800g can of crushed roma tomatoes and a further 1 teaspoon of dry chilli flakes and a good grind of black pepper. Taste and add salt if required (it probably won't be)
    vi) Add 500ml of water and bring to boil. Keep on rolling boil for about 45 minutes.
    vii) Add 400g can of red kidney beans. Simmer for fifteen minutes. By this time, might need to stir continuously and either add a little water or keep on a boil to drive off a little excess water to get it too a nice chilli consistency.
    viii) Serve on bed of white long grain rice.
    It's not ultra hot but it's not insipid. This is my chilli recipe thats been refined over the past 10 years. Have made it with chicken mince rather that beef mince. It's also been made vegetarian as well
  14. yeah, i wouldn't worry too much about using his dunny, being a judge, you probly wont make it that far :LOL:

    hey, would it be cool if my sister and her other half came along? looks like that might be the only way i'll be able to make it (malissa is apparently not all too keen on watching me blow steam out my ears and isn't all to keen on sharing the bed with me that night either :? )
  15. I'm SO in for this.

    Hey, you forgot Mr & Mrs Scumbag in the entry list! OK, so it wasn't a texan chilli, but it should be nice all the same.

    I'll enter my chilli, plus I'll be bringing along all manner of chilli-related products for people to try - probably a large shipping crate's worth...

    Oh, if its OK with the judges, I'd like to bring along a second dish, although it can be exempt from the judging. A new recipe that I want to try out on some unsuspecting victi... uh... volunteers...
  16. Unfortunately I am not going to be able to make it either, but that does not mean that I do not also wish to contribute, no in fact I only have desires to win this little fire breathing contest.
    my plan thus far involves calling plod at some stage during the proceedings with some highly believable yarn of terror invoking proportions the perportrators of which are the folks at the said casa del jake.
    On arrival expect copious amonts of capsicum spray to be sampled freely by all and sundry, i bow now and accept my trophy, prior to the event most graciously.
  17. Hey Debs, I've added you as a stand-in judge if we're short of a judge but be aware, judging means trying every dish there :twisted: . Toilet time will most assuredly be required and judges get first preference.

    Hmmm, might be a good idea to hire a Portaloo.. anyone know where to get a cheap one?

    Mitch, looking forward to your concoction. I hear the yanks know how to cook chilli.

    Thanks for the recipe Nodz, I'm going to do something similar but I'm researching it a bit more first. Any good hints are appreciated. What was that about pulling your beef Mitch? please explain!......no really, what do you mean?
  18. Beer? Hmmm, I guess it's ok to have that with Chilli......but you should also try the Chilli Vodka as well - steep some chilli's in a bottle of quality vodka for a few weeks and Voila! Instant fire mouth. :LOL:

    Anyone who refuses to try one of the chilli recipes has to scull a vodka shot! :shock:
  19. Hey deyago.

    OK, marinate the beef
    Cook it slowly so it remains rare
    Pull the meat apart with your fingers, when cold
    This results in better absorbtion of the secret sause when slow cooking form about 6 hours
  20. What about Chilli tim tams for dessert? Get a couple of packets from the local Safeway