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Melb Chick

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MissF, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone,
    Thought should introduce myself considering I've just signed up to do the mentoring day out at Fairfield.
    Passed my P's a couple of weeks ago after four months on L's and less than 1000k under my belt.
    Love getting out on my little bike (Suzuki Intruder) but still very much a dry weather rider. Hope to get some serious k's up over summer.
    Look forward to meeting some of you great people out at Fairfield.

  2. Welcome MissF.. :grin:
  3. Welcome to the nuthouse MissF!! :grin:
  4. ^ wot 'e said, miss :)
  5. Hey missF, I'm in Fairfield.. what's this about a mentoring day in Fairfield? It would be good to meet some other riders.. I've been riding solo for too long already!
    Point me in direction of that info - I get lost in this massive forum!
  6. Welcome MissF.
    See you on the day :grin:
    You too, Sugar. Pop your name down on the thread and come along :cool:
  7. Thanks every one for your warm welcomes!

    Sugar'n"Spice were you able to put your name down for the mentoring day? Hope to see you there.

    Thanks to Pinkxie for pointing you in the right direction for the details.
    Still finding my way around this huge forum myself.

    Cheers and thanks.
  8. congrats and welcome
  9. Welcome on board MissF and nice little bike you chave chosen there.
  10. yeah welcome, it's only 2 1/2 years since you signed up. What are you riding these days?
  11. Didn't even look at the date was too preoccupied haha.

    pat you tricked me : )
  12. absolute f'ing moron
  13. Hello and welcome XD I too am a melbourne chick. Go team! :D
  14. can everyone please check the date of the 1st post before welcoming someone from 2007
  15. Pat, for someone who is meant to end up as a top flight aeronautical engineer, some seriously small shit entertains an obviously tinier mind.
  16. I remember MissF... and that fairfield day was AWESOME.
  17. Welcome aboard the SS weirdrider!

  18. lol rob , any stories!
  19. MissF was just another of the many riders that pass through NR.

    The noob day was brilliant. Ebraking, slow speed drills, cornering and picking up a bike - Forrester Neils ex Cop BMW. EVERYONE picked it up, even the sleightest female noob.
  20. Interesting, obviously keen, took part in increasing her skills, 6 posts and then gone. Why is that?