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[Melb] Channel Ten - The home of motor sport?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by CamKawa, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. Just had a quick flick through the TV guide to find that channel Ten are showing a couple of Muppet movies instead of our local round of the WSBK. Unbelievable ahhhhhhhh!

  2. Dammit! I've already seen those ones as well :( , You will probably get to see the bikes in a couple of weeks on ten when they show their "Exclusive" coverage of the race :evil:
  3. Foxtel have the WSBK

    3.30-5pm live
    8.30-9.30pm qualifying round

    11.30am-5pm live

    I'm one of the lucky ones with foxtel...

    for the less fortunate my suggestion is....
    go find a pub that has foxtel :p
  4. As you say it is your "local" race so why not go to it?
  5. Or, we could all pile round to your place! :LOL:
  6. For a couple of reasons

    1. I'm still trying to get my head around the Netrider 5:30am departure time.

    2. The cost, $67 for general admission. Will we have to pay for parking now with a new circuit owner in charge, one Mr L Fox?
  7. Yeah, the Gong is just around the corner from Craigeburn for you eh'. :p
  8. [quote="CamKawa] Will we have to pay for parking now with a new circuit owner in charge, one Mr L Fox?[/quote]

    you don't have to park at Superbikes - only MotoGP. you can take your bike in with you and watch each race from a different corner :)

    as for $67.... it's cheaper than $40 for foxtel every month for the rest of your life...
  9. heh heh, yeah, it was a sort of 'ambit claim', wasn't it? :grin:

    I wouldn't mind FTA TV not showing this sort of stuff if they showed good stuff instead, but they don't. The rise in the uptake of Pay-TV has just given these complacent slobs the excuse to treat us even more like dunces than they used to. I mean, how many (un)reality shows can we stand, instead of live sport?? Back in the 80s the ABC used to show the Australian 500cc Road Racing Championship rounds LIVE to air.
  10. :dance: :dance: :woot: Muppets Rock! :grin:

    :( :( :(
  11. That's been the case for previous WSBK years and it's been great. Just hope it hasn't changed this year with the new circuit owner looking to recoup money spent on the upgrades.

  12. Maybe get foxtel for a trial (do you have a cooling off period to say no to it and get everything given back/money back)? Get a trial, say no a week or two later, foxtel, WSBK at home, FREE!

    For one year anyway :wink:
  13. $40 a month..ppffttt...I wish.....try $99...but thats for the full package
    96 channels of shit...except for this weekend :oops:

    anyways..my bro pays for the foxtel :grin: ...I pay for adsl :grin:

    and cos he's a night owl....I get to use it while he sleeps all day :p
  14. You've got the porno channels too? We're DEFINATELY all coming round! :bannanabutt: :dance:
  15. I hate Foxtel channel 10 now suck big time in my book. :evil:
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  17. saw the football coverage yesterday by channel 10 and thats crap as well , on 3 cameras at the ground compared to nines 11 cameras .
    they have stuffed motorsport and the footy .