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[MELB CBD] Stolen '06 red/white R6

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by n8, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. I know this has a snowballs chance in hell of making any difference, but I figured it's worth a shot;

    Between 7:30pm-11:00pm on Fri night (19/10) my R6 was pinched, it was parked on the cnr of Queens St and Flinders La; red/white, with the red rego plate "NATE"; only mods it had was flush indicators, and it still had the weird fender assembly on

    It's a busy enough walkway, even when we got there @ 11pm there were people regularly walking past and an open carpark (with attendant who said he hadn't noticed anything)

    I've loan protection insurance & 3rd party, but not theft (so basically I'm stuffed). The bike's only 5mths old, my pride and joy and was my only form of transport; I'm pretty devastated

    I know it's prob in parts by now, but if anyone notices it around nonetheless, please call me [0421 286 283]; also lesson to all, if you've got a nice bike, don't be stingy, get full comp insurance :(
  2. Hey man, sorry to hear this. I've seen your bike around the city before and it's a beautiful machine! I'll keep an eye out for you.

    Best of luck finding it and catching the thieving bastards :evil:

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  4. sorry to hear mate.
    I feel for you as thats a hard lesson to learn.
  5. I know we ALWAYS say it, but, really, if you can't afford to insure a bike against theft, you can't afford the bike at all.
  6. Shit, that sucks. :mad:

    Did you have it locked in any way?
    ...or do you think it may have been loaded into a ute/van?

    You may also want to print out a flyer and post it up in all the bike shops in the city. At least that way you'll have alot of eyes looking out for it in that area.
  7. Bummer dude, you never know your luck. It may turn up. Will keep a look out for it.

  8. That sucks man. Have you checked if there are any traffic cameras around that might be if the vicinity, or even shop cameras filming the front door/street.
    Hope you get it back.
  9. Man that's fcuked.

    Hornet is right though, you gotta have it insured for theft. It's far too easy to pick it up and bang it in the back of a van/ute.

    Who was it insured with? Thats an unusal policy.

    Pretty pointless is insuring your loan when you are now left with paying for a bike that some other scumbag has now aquired.

    fcuken theives!!!
  10. hey buddy sorry to hear about your bike.. after reading your post i quickly ran outside and parked my bike in the garage because i was starting to feel paranoid.. i too have an R6 but an '07 model..
    i too don't have insurance except for third party but wont cover it if it was to get stolen.. the only reason i didnt get full comp because it is just too expensive! yeah i would get it but $5000.. tell me who out there who would pay $5000 a year to insure your bike? it's pretty much a 3rd of the bike.. get insurance for 3 years and i've basically bought myself another R6.. that's why i went for third party it's only $170.. if it was closer to the $1000 mark then i wouldnt think twice about insuring it for full comp..
    anyway mate.. hope you will get your bike back soon..
  11. Tam... As it has been said many times before.. If you cant afford the insurance, you should think twice about buying the bike..

    I know where you are coming from wanting a nice bike, i would be the same. But if i couldnt afford insurance, i would buy a cheaper bike for now until my insurance is realistic..
  12. 2 way motorcycle alarm ...$100
    Full comp insurance ...$800
    The look on your face when you came to the realisation that only a naive luddite would leave an uninsured, alarmless bike unattended at night in Melb CBD...priceless
  13. Tam, please don't post up a thread like this when the same thing happens to you, OK???
  14. Hi n8,
    i feel for ya bud. it sucks to lose something that means so much (though you tend to put more worth into things when you lose it)...

    This is why i choose to spend over twenty-five hundred of hard earnt cash on comprehensive. i could have gotten some nice aftermarket mufflers, and still have money for a good GPS tracker unit.
  15. i also seen your bike around in the city. Cant believe it was stolen just like that right in the middle of a busy friday night in the open.

  16. Really sorry to hear about that! I can't get insurance on my bike for its value, but I've at least got enough that should it go, I could get another bike on the road - that's another option for those reading this and unable to afford big premiums (not that my premium was the problem - that waste of a time Redbook values my $5000 bike at $1500!, so I argued up to an agreed $3800 value, using the Trading Post as evidence).

    n8, I don't know if this is lame, 'cause you gotta be feeling a horrible empty feeling at the moment, but when my last bike's engine blew - so loss of bike for me - it occurred to me that that was a good swap for the fact that I've never been seriously injured on the bike...better to cop this than what else could have happened to you on the way home last night!

  17. Bugger mate, hope you get it back so that you can take up a pay by the month full comp insurance!
  18. will be looking out for "nate" in my travels
  19. Oh yeah, if it comes home, tell us.
  20. Thanks heaps guys; if she ever comes home, this'll be the first place I let know, and if she doesn't, I know it won't be from a lack of care from people :)

    Still coming to grips with it all... I know part of me is hoping to find her magically back there when I get back to work on Monday morning :(