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Melb CBD or South East mechanic suggestion

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by pozeli, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. Hi Everyone

    So I haven't posted here for ages. In the meantime I got my license - YAY! but as the laws have changed I am still restricted for 3 years - so still on my old VTR250. When I was on my learners I dropped my bike at one stage and bent the brake lever - my husband tried to bend it back but it was brittle and it snapped. It is still usable but not great.

    We tried to buy parts on ebay but since the previous owner when getting a road worthy had to change a couple of things it appears the mechanic put a non VTR brake on the bike and I do not know what it is - so the lever is a lot thinner than the average VTR brake lever and way too thin to even thin down a VTR one (we've tried) so basically we will need to get the whole thing replaced again - or find someone that can work out what the lever is and replace that.

    I also have the issue that is apparently quite common with VTR250 especially older models where the neutral switch is a bit iffy when the bike is hot. Basically it is in neutral but the light doesn't go on so the engine still cuts out if you put stand down. Also, the speedo backlight is almost non-existent (it is a very very pale blue) and unless I am under a street light when riding at night I cannot see what speed I am going.

    So basically I need a decent mechanic that is not going to charge the earth and knows what they're doing with older Hondas that have some after market parts - preferably south eastern suburbs or melbourne cbd. Any suggestions? I only paid a couple of grand for the bike so I don't want to spend heaps on fixing it up - eventually I want to get something new when I can afford it.

    Thanks! :)

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  2. Welcome back pozelipozeli, hopefully someone will chime in and be able to help you out with a mechanic down your way to get those issues sorted:)

    That's a decent bend on your lever there:unsure:
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  3. I had a similar neutral problem with my Zthou recently. Turned out the neutral wire was broken.
  4. Yeah I can only 2 finger brake...
  5. Yeah I think it is a wiring issue I looked it up a while ago and it is pretty common for my bike. It hardly has any electronics on it. I don't even have a fuel gauge (I have run out of fuel on the road 3 times now :S lucky for the reserve) and what it does have is a bit iffy. It's not the worst problem as most times it works or I can put it into neutral - know its in it even if it isnt registering and turn it off then when it turns back on when its cooler its in neutral.
  6. Sixty Degrees in Notting Hill. (03) 9562 6603
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  7. Thanks!
  8. So my problems have since got worse and now need urgent attention. My clutch is now slipping badly. We have tried tightening it but I think that it might actually require a clutch rebuild due to wear (it is a 2002 model). I also just realised I read the post before wrong and it was Notting Hill I thought it was Box Hill. Does anyone know of any good bike mechanics in south east or CBD? I urgently need it fixed as this is actually my commute to work now that I cancelled my car park. It cannot be too far away as it is barely riding and I don't have a tow bar on my car.
  9. Notting Hill / 60 Degrees is behind Monash Clayton great team great work they do all my work and easy to get to.
  10. Dynoverks Boronia or In-Tune Ringwood are my preferences
  11. If you do mean Box Hill, Mick Hone is there. I like Mad Biker in Bayswater.
  12. Steve at South East Motorcycles at Moorabbin has done right by me. 9555-2020.
  13. Hi Pozeli.
    Re you clutch. You mention that the "clutch started to suddenly slip badly" which is uncommon. Did you adjust the cable before it started slipping? The reason I ask is by "tightening" the cable, you may have over-tightened it and it's now no longer properly engaging in the neutral position. By having the cable too tight would cause clutch slippage.
    The best way to find out is to wind the clutch cable right out til it's nice and sloppy, then start winding it back in just until it's no longer lose and moving around in the adjuster.
    Anyhoo, just a thought and good luck with your repairs.

  14. How did you go with your bike