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Melb CBD Ninja blown down

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BitSar, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. MODS - sorry if this is not the appropriate forum.

    On the off chance the rider is on NR.

    I was just 15 minutes ago walking past the NAB building on the Bourke St side @ 500 Bourke St.

    Unfortunately there was a Green Kawasaki Ninja blown over.

    I wanted to pick it up but decided it was probably best to leave it where it is so the owner can take their own photographs for insurance purposes (if required)
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    Goes to check bike......

    Edit - still upright, bugger for the Kwaka owner
  3. There were 4 down in docklands that i saw, one was a larger scooter that a small tree fell onto..

    That storm was nutso, lasted all of 10 minutes at most but the wind was really strong..

    Where 3 bikes had gone over, a solitary k1300s was still standing, sometimes a heavy bike is an advantage..
  4. Bloody storm! I'm sitting on the dunny thinking, Wow it's mad out there. A little later I walked outside and yes, I was mad! BOTH my bikes blown over, off the high footpath and semi-upside down on the road! The W suffered no perceivable damage. The Bullet has a smashed headlight, tail-light, and dented tool box, from my cursory inspection so far.... I reckon the bike covers acted like sails.
  5. There were a few blown over on swanston st this morning.
  6. Must admit thought twice about leaving mine on the centre stand today and ended up opting for the side stand which I thought would take more to blow over.
  7. Awwww that's cute!

    Lean on me when you're not strong
    And I'll be your friend, I'll help you carry on
    For it won't be long
    'Til I'm gonna need somebody to lean on
  8. Is that BMW a C650?
  9. Bummer, I saw that out the window from a tram going up Bourke at around 3.

    Just before I got on the tram there was a girl using the Myki topup machine at the Spencer St tram stop, a huge gust of wind came up and blew the card clean off the reader and it went 50 metres up the street no shit in about 2 seconds. Lucky it stopped then and I got it back for her before anything ran over it.

  10. No idea - I don't know my scooter breeds....
  11. Until it's time to pick up the bastard, like I had to with my 260 kg CBF1000 yesterday.
    Sorry to hear about that, mattb. It's definitely the bike covers that exacerbate the issue. Yesterday, Sydney went mental with its wind gusts. I was about to step out to remove the covers when I heard a sickening bang. Sure enough, one of the bikes [the heavier one] was on its side. The wind even dragged it a bit.

  12. What sort of wind are we talking to knock a bike over?
    Mine was in the sheltered carpark next to the fence leaning away from it on Sat night. Sunday morn I look & its off its stand & tipped the opposite way now leaning against the fence. I've been paranoid ever since that some C touched it but seeing this thread I'm not so sure.
  13. We got 100–120 km/h gusts in my area. The bike cover was the main reason, the parking [side stand close to wall, instead of away from it] was another.
  14. Jeez that's mad.
    So someone did fk with my bike, hands will be cut.
    Note to self always face stand away from wall
  15. It was meantal in sydney aswell, saw a few bikes blown over at uni so I was worried to get back to mine luckily It was still upright

  16. I reckon the Earth would shift orbit before a Gold Wing 1800 would blow over :)
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  17. 1 - Someone bought one of those Beemer scooters.
    2 - A ninja can't knock it over. LOL.
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  18. The poor'little'beemer probably never saw the Ninja approaching.
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  19. You guys are too funny. I like it :)