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[Melb CBD] Motorcycle City

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by mattb, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. I never fail to be impressed with these guys so I thought I'd mention it to others looking for a good shop for parts, gear or servicing.

    I went in today wanting a chain and sprockets for the Hornet 600. That's an outlay I could do without. When you go in there you generally have an audience behind the counter, and they're pretty friendly and chatty. The mechanic was sitting there and asked to see the bike and, along with one of the salesmen who came out for a smoke, he explained to me a few things about checking chain life, some better tips for servicing, inspected the chain along with the salesman, and concluded by telling me that chains are expensive, and that, while mine was on the rough end of its life, I could get at least 5000km more out of it. He explained how to assess things so I didn't leave it too long.

    These guys have treated me like this for years now, despite the fact they make almost nothing from me as I service my own bike and usually go to Yamaha for my SR-specific parts (I don't think they realise that some of their regular customers - who are well-impressed with their work - were recommended by me). I usually go in there because they have so many interesting used parts and used gear bins. Today they did themselves out of a sale (for the next 5000km) for the sake of honest helpfulness.


  2. ah cool....I was thinking about going there to book in my Hornet 900 for it's 24,000km service.
    will do now thanks.
  3. Just picked up my Honda Hornet 900 (CB900F) from it's 24,000 km service from Motorcycle city.
    It was a major service (including valve clearances etc)
    Was quoted around $600, came in at $582.
    Bike feels great, very happy.