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Melb CBD: Heads up, pork-heavy operation on Flinders St

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by grue, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. Pulling over lots of people, not sure what's up. Both directions at Flinders St.

  2. Strange. They were out in force yesterday too, but booking people for jaywalking.
  3. They're gone now, but I got a laugh out of 'em standing in the rain.

    If they wanna get jaywalkers, they should plainclothes at Flinders St station… not the CORNERS, but where people cross to get to the trams. The amount of times i've gone through that crosswalk with my horn blaring because some tossbag started going after it'd already turned green for me… fux sake.
  4. Ditto to that. The whole CBD is actually pretty ****in' dangerous.

    How do I put this politely without seeming like (even more of) a racist wanker, but there seems to be certain ethnicities that have trouble with crossing roads properly.
  5. Honestly I seem to have the most problem with people who "appear" to be locals 8-[

    Even retards dragging their f'ing kids through the intersection. Put your own dumbass at risk, but don't endanger your kid.
  6. you should live in my area - people deliberately step out in front of you hoping to get hit looking for a compo case
  7. Some of these folk probably need an 'awakening' experience... !
  8. One of the many reasons I want to put a super powerful loud horn on :)
  9. Didn't know you lived in Frankston!
  10. Fitted a set of 'Semi' airhorns (manufactured in Germany for more 'punch') to my first car, Kingswood HZ sedan ! What a hoot that was, especially the night of first connection (and accidental trial) around 11pm !
    Took a little while to get the neighbours 'onside' after that event, but they really work, grue !
  11. That's something that always amazes me - parents who tend to thrust their pram out in front of them to slow traffic a little so they can cross. People friggin' wierd me out.
  12. I'd call you a racist... if I didn't know precisely what you are talking about. :-w

    Now in ref to the billboards Smee is talking about, I noticed the full-on TV ad last night. Popo are planning to introduce a new strategy for holiday season, where they flood a particular area for a day or two, mass breath and drug testing, high visibility as well as covert presence, peds and pedalers as well as motorists. Look sideways and you will feel the pinch.
    CBD operation might have been one of these?
  13. I don't even LIKE kids and it still annoys me.
  14. Tis legal to cross a road when more than 20 metres from an intersection so long as you take the most direct path.
  15. The pigs run ops in the city on a regular basis. Why? It's a bloody gold mine. Jaywalkers, driving while on a mobile, drivers entering intersections before traffic has cleared, these seem to be the favourites.

    They also like to practice giving traffic orders at intersections with non-functioning traffic lights, at various locations mainly along Collins St.
  16. This is a marked and signaled crosswalk, and they're violating the signals.
  17. "Pigs", "Pork heavy-Op"...such a lack of imagination, and not so great attitudes to have.

    Again, not directed at anyone in particular:

    Everything done is for your safety, health and welfare. Do something wrong, you'll get attention and should just accept the consequences. Don't get pissed off just because you got caught, that's just juvenile. If I do something wrong, knowing there is a potential consequence and it so happens that that consequence actually happens, I accept it...rather than whingeing to all and sundry. Grow up peoples. You're old enough to ride, then you're old enough to know when you're doing the wrong thing.

    PS: If you walk against the red-man in front of a uniformed copper, expect to get a ticket for your simple stupidity and insult to the members there.

    PPS: There is NO "Gold-mine" if NO OFFENCE is committed. Sick to death of this "revenue-raising" debate. If you wish to protest money being made by a Government from fines, then simply commit No offences...that way none of your money will go to funding the costs of people dying or needing medical care.
  18. Then why did the outgoing government budget for annual increases in fines of between 60-70%? Because they expected to change behaviour? It was designed to do nothing of the sort.
    Think you better join the sheep, wolfie ;)
  19. Welllllll, I disagree with that. If the fine revenue goes down, they broaden the definition to keep it up there (e.g. if speed camera revenue goes down, they'll lower the speed limits).

    Someone more profound than me once said "...the best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly..."

    Then again I'm a cynic.
  20. No wonder they became an "outgoing government." Don't like what they do, then do something about...either vote or speak to your members enmasse instead of whingeing to each other about the "unfairness" of it all. Make a change, not a spittle.

    Again, it's really simple....don't break the rules and there is no money made. Don't like the rules, get them changed by the approriate people in the appropriate way. Better still, stop other idiots giving reasons for these rules to be in place to start with.