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[Melb] Cars Movie, Fount. Gate, Tue 27th Jun

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Grunge, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. Hopefully this can be a regular thing for everyone.

    Currently for the 27th June.

    Meet: Provisionally Nando's in the Shopping Centre, Fountain Gate 7.30pm.
    Once the Krazy Krowds dies down, we'll meet at Krispy Kreme, have some doughnuts or dinner and then off to the movies.

    At the moment, looking at watching "Cars."
    Suggestions for any other movies are open. The only one I want to watch which is available in Fountain Gate is "The Break Up."
    Any other suggestions are open.

    Currently the people coming are Fireblade and Goosh, not sure who else are coming with them.

  2. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Meet at KK and actually try and get in before the cinemas close... thats a good one.... :LOL:
  3. am i alowed to come if i drive the cage?? wont have time to get there if i have to go via home and change over to the bike. (and besides it's too farkin cold and i'm a woose)
  4. Of course! It's not a problem at all. :]
  5. Sounds like a plan to me.My vote is for "CARS" as I have been hanging to see it (yea I know Im a big kid and I dont care :wink: ) even downloaded it off bear share but it turned out to be some german porno :mad: Hope the KK lines have decreased though :LOL:
  6. Yeah I'll be there Andy!! :grin:

    Haven't seen it yet, plan was to take my nephew a couple of weeks back but my sister beat me to it and took him so I've been waiting for someone to organise this coz I'm too lazy!!

    Hopefully the lines at KK are a lot smaller tomorrow, coz the lines on the first 4 days were crazy (1-3hour wait) :shock:

    If not, my vote is for Nando's before heading in to watch the movie :grin:
  7. Hmm.. Maybe it's better to meet at Nando's? Currently? What do you guys think?
  8. Okay just for Tommorrow (the 27th) Meet at Nando's, we'll keep doing this until the crazy crowd at KK's dies down. That way we can bring doughnuts for the movies.

    Thanks all! :]
  9. Crazy Crowd or Krazy Krowd? :LOL:

    I've already seen Cars, but I'd happily see it again. This is just up the road from me so trying to decide if I'll come along.
  10. Hee hee.. Have a look at the edit I did on the original post. :p
  11. Hehehe didn't spot that.
  12. I see Black Betty has put up a Cars movie event at Knox now. I'll be at the Fountain Gate one.
  13. Sorry guys - didn't see it (no date in title?) anyhows, Melbournes a big place :grin: we can compare notes online after :p
  14. Yeah I'm still going to Fountain Gate... 6:55pm is too early for me to get to coz I won't finish work until about 6:30!!

    What session time are we going to?? :?

    There's only 7pm and 9:30pm for Cars at Fountain Gate tomorrow night... don't know about you guys but 9:30 start time's probably a little late and 7 is a little early for me... ggggrrrr :mad:

    I'll see what everyone decides??
  15. I'd be ok with either time Aaron. But then I'm on annual leave so I have no need to be home by pumpkin. :)
  16. lucky you!! Coming up to end of financial year I've got NO chance of getting annual leave for the next month :cry:

    Going to be stuffed tomorrow night coz I'm probably going to Fed Square tonight to watch the soccer... still undecided :?
  17. And good news from me, I sat on the bike today and pushed and pulled the handlebars about, and my arm has healed enough that it did not hurt at all!! So I'll be coming on my bike.
  18. Good to hear mate!! Don't push it too much, but if I was in your position I'd be doing the same thing :)

    So what's the session time everyone wants to go to tomorrow night?? The 7 o'clock session or the 9:30??
  19. Will Nandos be open after the 7pm session? Or is it better to go for food first and then see the flick? If we went for the food first option with the 7pm session ten it might all be too early for some people to go to after work.
  20. Or do as I normally do........

    Have a popcorn and Cola dinner. :)