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[Melb] Carb jets western suburbs

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by CampbellS, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. need carb jets to rejet my 2005 suzuki gs500 but cant seem to find anywhere that sell them.
    Anyone know of somewhere local that do them? Need slightly larger than stock sizes for aftermarket exhaust/pod filters.

  2. Don't know about out west, but Mick Hone stock most common ones & the uncommon ones for my TRX...
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  3. Got them ordered today from mick hone

  4. what sort of exhaust did you get? I'm looking to do similar with mine.
  5. Ive went with an ebay shorty in matt black. Has a nice finish and a small baffle in it. Will be jail bait loud tho :-/. Just gonna give it a try, if its bad ill get something more main stream. See enough Harleys with ridiculous exhausts tho.
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  6. got a link for similar ones? suppose it will need to be installed at a shop though, the exhaust is all welded one piece right?