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Melb --> Canberra

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by heavyw8, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wondering what a ride from Melb to Canberra (combining a little twisties without taking forever) would be?

    Has anyone ever tried it and if so what roads were travelled?

    What would you pack on the way up ?

    Cheers all!!!!!

  2. No, not ever.

  3. My Preference would be the link below but that is about 750km and lots of twisty roads, hills scenery etc. Up to you. The roads up through Whitfield and across to Tallangatta are interesting if you don't want to make the full trip across through Khanacoban to Jindabye. I have done all these roads at various times but not in one go.

    Other options are up through Tumbarumba and Tumut

    Mappy Linky

    Pack much less than you think you need. Try and travel light. Things I find worthwhile are:

    - Small Torch
    - Swiss army knife.
    - Gaffer Tape (Just in case bike bits start to fall off)
    - Cable ties for same reason.
    - Sun Hat and Sunburn cream for stops.
    - Insect repellent for stops.
    - Water

    Have fun :)
  4. I did that ride on the Cup Day long weekend with my wife as pillion.

    If you only want to add a little while to the trip, then take the route we did which was, Hume to near Wangaratta, then take the exit to Beechworth, up through Beechworth to Wodonga and back onto the Hume.

    If you want another sidetrip in NSW (one that we didn't do), then there's a little loop that takes you up towards Tumut. This detour apparently adds almost an hour.

    Clicky map

    I think cjvfr's list was good. We packed clothes and stuff because we were gone for 3 days, but I suggest adding some food too, trail mix, chocolates, whatever, just something when you're peckish out there. :)

    Butz. :beer:
  5. How about through Gippsland on the Princes then north from Cann River?
  6. hi all,
    thanks very much for the advice and the links to the maps!!!

    exactly what i was after.

    ill let you know if i brave the ride :)


    ride well!