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[MELB] Can someone help me out?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Clairebear, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. As you have more than likely read my thread about Dougz being in hospital - I now have a slight predicament.

    I need to get a bike from my house to Staffords in Heidleberg. can anyone help me with their time/trailer/car?

    My usual currency is cookies but payment can be negotiated :grin:
  2. I know it's really short notice but if anyone can swing tomorrow morning I'll add chocolate chips to the cookies.
  3. Oi, there's only room for ONE "cookee" person here. :wink:

    What's your best? Mrs Tree makes an incredible White Choc and Macadamia! *drools*
  4. I could possibly help if you haven't got any offers... Don't have a trailer though, so would have to ride...
  5. Claire, what time does the dealer in heidleberg close and where are you located. may be able to help but have a couple of things on in the morning I cannot rush
  6. I am free tomorrow, I dont have a trailer either, so would have to ride it , just shoot me a PM if you need my assistance :)
  7. Where abouts are you located Claire?
  8. Sorry for having to pull out of the Saturday morning tow Claire - if you can bribe the shops with cookies for a Sunday drop off, I'm your man - or I can do a Thursday night tow if it'll help.... actually, if it'll help to bribe with Cookee, then I authorise you go try. :LOL:

    Apparently the shops on Bell street close at midday on Saturday... I forgot about my Saturday committment when I offered to help. :facepalm: :)roll: at myself. soooorrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy!)

    Claire and the bikes are located in the footscrayish area - so I'd say about 40-ish minutes once rolling. The bikes apparently aren't rideable, so require a trailer or van.
  9. That counts me out then, sorry Claire, I don't have a trailer or a car with a towbar :(
  10. Hey guys - it's all been sorted!

    The tow company took one under my policy and Uncle Bren came to the rescue and picked up the other one.

    Thankyou everyone for their kind offers - And Rob stop beating yourself up about having to pull out! Things happen!

    Cookeetree - White chocolate is not real chocolate :p
  11. Bangr rocks :)

    Glad that was sorted... I can put away the cat o' nine tails for now then.

    Phew. :)
  12. Good work Bren.. We can always rely on uncle bren to help us out.. :cool: