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[Melb] Bright Week Away, Jan 2nd-7th DVD night

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Foxy, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. Hi all,
    This ride is now fully booked and full, I will keep the post here so that everyone that is coming can be kept informed of any changes or organise activities amongst each other for when we are up there,



    Bright New Year Ride.


    2nd Jan 2006, 10am Foxy's house
    (all welcome to stay the night before)

    Whittlesea > Yea > Whitfield > Mansfield > Murtleford > Bright (excuse spelling mistakes, you know the rout anyway)

    We will arrive to the fully furnished Railway Retreat in Bright; where you can chill out, walk into town, go on day trips or suck piss for the entire time.


    7th Jan 2006

    Cost.....(Railway Retreat) Full

    $130 total for accommodation

    Allow for fuel cost and food/activities.

    The house is fully self contained so we may put $20-$40 each into the kitty for breakfasts and dinners/bbq

    Attendees Confirmed


    Cost.....(Lids House)

    $130 each total for accommodation

    Attendees Confirmed

    Codeblue Chick
    Sir Skuffy

    Payment in full (accommodation only)

    13/12/05 Lids will provide bank account details to all after I have received confirmation for all attending (please PM Lids for bank details)
  2. Well c'mon hurry up with the account details :)
  3. My lazyness paid off....PM on the way :)
  4. Have fun peoples and ride safe :)
  5. Foxy wrote
    And to rub it in to those of us that have to work . :wink:
  6. Or, rather, you were having trouble with the numbers! :wink: :p :LOL:

    :D :D :D
  7. So let me get this right. You have already booked this ride, filled all the spots, been paid for most of it & now you decide to post it up. What exactly is the point? Am I missing something?
  8. Just Foxy's way of saying "Ner ner neneeer ner" :D :p
  9. Your missing the first sentence of his post, which gives you the answer to your question.
  10. And it's avoided the whole "I cant go on this day" or "but why don't we take this road" posts that usually fill these sort of threads.

    Enjoy the week away guys, maybe I need to invest in some CUB shares :wink:
  11. Actually Cougar would be better mate, reason; they have EVERYTHING on tap at the pub, including beer, scotch, bourbon, bundy :-& and....get this, even whine!!!!

    Now all jokes aside. I have had a few people that still want to come (along with hate mail :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ).

    For those people that are interested, please post up your interests.

    The ride DATES and TIMES will not change.

    If there is enough interest to fill another house, I will pass on the details to however is keen enough to organise another house.


  12. I'm interested Foxy, I will suss out with my boss if I can have the time off as I'm due back at work on the 2nd. Fingers crossed [-o< [-o< [-o<

    :D :D
  13. Nah, Dave and I will be taking the kiddlies to Tassie during that week :)
  14. *bump*

    Check out origninal post
  15. I am organising another house and will be ringing the real estate agent today to see what else is available.

    If you are interested in coming along, please RSVP ASAP. Full payment will be required by 9 December.

    I will advise prices, etc as soon as I can.

    :D :D
  16. For those who are coming up to Bright, we're thinking of organising a group trip to do whitewater rafting. If you're interested, please let us know so that we can book. :)
  17. Hey Lids,
    I would be interested as I have that week off :) Will have to see if the boy can be persueded :wink: :D
  18. Peregrine Adventures used to run the Snowy River ex-Omeo.
    Great early-morning ride across Hotham, do the rafting, then return via Hotham to Bright. What a day... :D :D :D
  19. Ok, working on the situation. Fingers crossed I'll be able to come. Will let you know soon.

  20. You couldn't change the date could you Foxy? I can't make that date as I have other things that have to be done on those particular days. Hahahaha. Hehehehe.