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Melb - Bright - Bairnsdale

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by floydrulez, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. Hi all

    My friend and I are planning a 3 day trip, leaving this monday.
    We're planning to go to Bright day one, day 2 the great alpine road down to bairsndale and then back to Melbourne via the prom on Wednesday.

    My friend is a bit hesitant with day 2 due to the weather, but I really want to do it. Is it a good idea to do this coming into winter? Any particular precautions we should take?

    I've done the trip before, but my friend hasn't done any long trips before.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Did all that in a single day on my ZZR250, but I'm a glutton for punishment. Did it in the middle of summer too. Got hailed on when I went over Mt. Hotham, even though it was 38C back in Melbourne.

    Expect hail/sleet/snow and slippery roads over Mt Hotham at this time of year.
  3. Unless you've found a way to fit tyre chains to a bike, I don't think you'll be getting through...
    On the other hand, you may be incredibly skilled and experienced at riding in snow :)
  4. Too late mate - the great alpine road is snow bound!
  5. Do you have official confirmation of this? We're heading to Mount Beauty via Hotham on Saturday. If it's snowbound and hence, closed to bike traffic it's going to put a damper on things.
  6. That blows...I already had the skiis on my bike. :LOL:

    Would Mt. Bufallo be ok?
    If not, any ideas for a nice 3 day trip in Vic?
  7. Roads open and clear LINK (for now :wink: )
  8. Had a mate come off over Hotham not too long ago thanks to some lovely black ice. Very experienced rider, probably one of the best I've seen. Be careful!

  9. Why not camp road side on the GOR and do some early morning laps. :D
    During the day - a couple hours on the back roads

    Do you have to stay in Vic?
  10. Went for a drive up to Lake Mountain on Tuesday and yes there was snow there and the road was damp and slippery above the snow line and considering Hotham is a lot higher I'd be careful.
  11. DID the GAR last saturday, and it was clear and open, if a bit cold and dreary.
    This rd is awesome.

    Sunday saw 25cm of snow at Hotham, so I didnt venture across it again.

    Suggest you ring a business in Hotham?
  12. I came, I saw, I conquored. Well, sorta, dunno, nothin...

    Hotham was cold, damned cold. At the car park it said 4 degs on the display but I reckon it was colder. That was yesterday. Today, around 10am when we stopped there the indicator suggested that it was 9 degs. But I go to work each day when it's colder than that in the mornings and it usually is a lot warmer. I'd say that the indicator is not accurate. If it was much above zero this morning then I'll go he for tiggy.

    Road was clear, but it had wet patches, particularly the sections in shade that looked slippery. But overall it was OK. We just took it a bit easier as we crossed the mount.

    I'd suggest though, that this weekend is probably the last that we'll have for a while that's still bike passable (well, roadbikes). A lot of people up there but we couldn't find any place that was open to get a cuppa. Ended up stopping at Omeo for fuel and a mugachino. Weather was fantastic today, once we got back to habitable elevations, that is...
  13. thanks guys
    sorry for late reply.
    I suppose it would be best not to go, prediction there will be a high level of frost, so just go to bright and find a new destination from there!
  14. What about Bright day one. Tintaldra, perhaps, Day Two. Not sure where to after that, maybe back to Mount Beauty for day three. It's a nice place, go via Bright over Tawonga Gap, perhaps.