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[Melb]Bowling+ Night Out;Now With Pics

Discussion in 'VIC' started by es, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. Pics http://photobucket.com/albums/a244/eswen/bowling 12-3-06/

    People With Pimples/Younguns/Shy Ones/250 riders event orgnisers are please to announce the next event!

    All are welcome to attend, pimple or not, young or old, shy or bold, 250s or 1200s; however the focus of the night is to get young people out of the woodwork and to a netrider event.

    Thanks kinkybinky for the suggestion of venue!

    Thanks miss_dj for the links to prices and location

    this event will be on
    Sunday 12th March 9.30pm
    (lanes booked from 10)
    Where: Strike Bowling in Melbourne
    (thanks lidonnit)

    the late start is due to the public holiday on monday 13th. I would make it later (say 10 or 11) so we would make the discounted sessions ($8) but not sure I would make it myself! If there is alot of intrest in changing to later session, then having a night out, thats no probs :)

    I enquired about group bookings discounts, if we book (no charge for booking) and over 20 people turn up we get a pool table for one hour :roll:

    And you need a credit card to book (no charge though).

    And to those who will complain about me starting yet another thread; the others are locked.


    GMAN +1
    Tenoq +1
    xoraak + gloves
    scootergal +1
    chicken man + 1

    Not coming but interested in future events:

  2. I would have added it (in fact was at the page literally a second ago) but with the lockings and contreversy going on right now (but mainly due to my note that "If there is alot of intrest in changing to later session, then having a night out, ") I figured Id be better off waiting till later in the week to do it.
  3. 9:00 sounds good to me, go bowling finish at around 10:30-11:00 and do something afterwards.
  4. :Cough: :Cough: :Cough:

    & to P J for help with the name :wink: :wink:
  5. Re: [Melb] Bowling Night, Melbourne, Sun 12th

    What happened to the 13th?? :shock:
  6. sounds fantatic es :) oh forgot to tell u that if u have a big group boking u can get a bar tab :p its 20 or 30$ each to bowl not sure but me and me friends had it one time and we drank all the beer we could consume in 90 mins :LOL: :LOL: i'l tell ya hehhe i nearly ended up stumbling outa the place, well i did actually :grin:
    but yeh ask em about the bar tab u can get with group bookings :wink: cheap as chips :grin:
  7. Hey Monday 13/3 is public holiday, so Sunday is the eve before the public holiday, discount price for sunday maybe not apply on that day!!

    Better check it out to make sure!
  8. u get a discount anyway with a group booking :p been there many times and walked outa there half assed many times :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. I was told no discounts for group bookings, but that the discounts before labour day still apply.
    only benifit for booking is assured we will all fit and that we might get a pool table for an hour :roll:
  10. i'l call em up and ask about the drink special :grin: cause we always get it! cant bowl if i cant have boozzzz :LOL:
  11. ahh what happen to chadstone bowling night?? on the 22nd march??
    or is this whats going to happen now??
  12. nice work... get on it dude!
  13. They're both on, I'm defenetly going to this and probably going to chaddy too (Will know closer to the date),

    This is more of a get to know your fellow newb and have a quiet drink sort of event i think whereas chaddy is just a social bowl with all netriders.
  14. dosnt matter i have that night and the next day free
    so im in
    um whats the cost??
  15. cheers kraven
    i guess i will be going to both of them
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. i can make it.. can i please crash at the geek hotel ?

    dont put me in the clown room though...
  17. troy... read the first post for prices!! :LOL:

    yep cosi, welcome to crash here :)
    any others coming from far afield we could probably find some space for you guys too :)
  18. sounds a goer for me,i guess i can then put a face next to the nickname.
    whos headn from the western area???
  19. Hey guys,

    Just a quick meantion...
    Regardless of a group booking or not, its a bowling alley / bar!

    Ive been there many times and like Kinky, stumbled out @ 3am!!! :tantrum:

    Im totally up for a nig night!!! woohooooooo :beer:

    Cant wait!

    C U all there :wink: